Love at work? No, I am not talking about office romances. But I do think that you should be able to find love in the office -- just a different kind. You should love your job. And it should love you back.

Love and work may seem incompatible to you. That is because many people try to evenly split work and life into two clear-cut categories. The squishy notion of love often ends up in the life section, and going to work means stuffing your emotions in the desk drawer, only to be retrieved at quitting time.

What if love was not just acknowledged, but actually encouraged and measured at work?

In Lovability, my bestselling new book for product and company builders, I propose a more human-centric approach to business. I believe that love not only has a place in the workplace but is a necessary ingredient for lasting success.

At Aha!, we achieve this by using a framework that we pioneered and named The Responsive Method (TRM). We are now one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. -- and it is no accident. We are thoughtful in our approach to building a different kind of technology company.

TRM can help you be more successful. It is the engine that powers lovable products and companies.

Here is how you can get started:

Goal first
If you do not know what you are working towards, you cannot be much help to anyone. Taking a goal-first approach can help you maintain focus and prioritize the projects that deliver the most value. When you can identify the goals in your organization and how your work fits into that strategy, you will be more motivated and excited -- that enthusiasm will be contagious to others.

Be curious
It can be easy to choose the safe status quo. However, loving your work requires a sense of wonder about the world and the people in it. You should always strive to make it better. The same goes for listening to customer ideas. So spend time engaging with others, and you will have more creative, meaningful solutions to offer.

Embrace interruptions
Sure, interruptions can seem like an inconvenience. But these interruptions can offer valuable clues about what matters most to others. When you stop what you are working on and help someone in their moment of need, that is love in action. Start embracing these interruptions and you will draw closer to your team and your customers.

Be decisive
Everyone knows what it feels like to be kept waiting. With that in mind, start responding to others quickly -- with a decisive yes or no that is informed by your goals. Being decisive will allow you to help more people, reach your goals faster, and become more lovable in the process.

Promote truth
If you want to show love at work, you have to realize that love is incompatible with deception. When you are transparent with others (even when it is difficult), you build trust, which is a necessary part of love.

Show kindness
Make kindness a core principle, and it will change the way you interact with everyone you meet. Think before you speak and recognize others for their accomplishments and hard work.

I am not suggesting that you gather all of your team for a group hug or trust fall session. But it is time we realize that love is a fundamental concept central to all human interactions -- and business is made up of human interactions.

So go ahead -- pursue love at work, just like you freely pursue love in other areas your life. Put aside the notion that love has no place at work, and start embracing the principles of The Responsive Method instead.

You will see how love transforms your business inside and out, so you can feel happier and more fulfilled.

How would you show love at work?