The start of the final quarter of 2015 is a good time to revisit your leadership development goals for the year, make adjustments, and take action during the next 90 days.  Leadership must be allowed to be learned.  It takes time, feedback, introspection, practice, and no small amount of inspiration and personal courage

Whether you have engaged in your leadership development substantially, somewhat, or not much at all this year, you should think about what you want from your leadership 1 year from now.  Write down this vision, and refer to it during the next 12 months. Here are a few other end-of-year considerations.

Substantial Leadership Development

If you have done a lot of work on your leadership this year, you probably defined a plan, identified goals, and enlisted trusted people to help you.  You likely set aside specific and regular time to focus on this work, received feedback, and practiced.  You listened, read, struggled, and thought a lot.  You probably partnered with a coach and had the sponsorship of your company.  If so, well done!

o   What has become clear to you about your leadership?

o   How much of your work has been on "harder skills"?

o   What changes will you make to your 2016 approach?

Some Leadership Development

Leadership development is difficult and if you have inconsistently engaged in the process this year, give yourself a break.  Take this as a fresh encouragement to build on what worked for you, and discard what did not.

o   If you started the year with a plan that you have not followed, what did you want to accomplish?  How much of this list is still relevant?

o   If your plan was to engage in ad hoc development, how well have these activities stuck with you?  How consistent is this approach; how do you know you are not taking shortcuts?

o   What one thing will help you engage in developing yourself for the remainder of the year?

Not Much Leadership Development

If you did not do much this year about your leadership development, here is the great news: you have 90 days to take action.  (And another year is just ahead.)    

o   What prevented you from working on your leadership?  How real is this obstacle; how much of it is avoidance?  What scares you the most about developing as a leader?

o   What insight would be most valuable to you in the next 90 days?  How can gain this clarity?

o   What single behavioral change would be most beneficial for you?  How can you start work on this immediately and focus on it for 90 days?

o   Who will you ask for help?  For feedback?  To help maintain your commitments?


Leadership must be allowed to be learned.  Fortunately, this process always starts with you. 

No time to waste.  Lots to do.