Video Transcript

00:10 Brian Halligan: Okay. What's this? Who said that? You're a God damn genius.

00:18 Halligan: Okay. This is a picture of the internet. I'm impressed, that was the quickest I've ever had the answer on this one. Each dot on that slide is a website. All of your websites are on there, okay? Each line between the different dots, those are links, links from blogs, from other websites, from Twitter, from Facebook. This is what the internet looks like. Now, I've analyzed all of your websites since before coming here. We're gonna show you the results at the end of my presentation. But most of your websites are the dots on the outside, okay? Not that many links into them. What you want is to get a lot of links into your site, and move into the center and become a big white dot. Become a hub on the internet. When I think about the internet, links are to the internet, as dollars and cents are to the US economy. And what I think about it is, the way to get a lot of links is just create remarkable content. That remarkable content pulls links in like crazy.

01:18 Halligan: Here's another way to think about your website. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, we have two highways that come through the town. No airports in Cambridge. We have a couple of little train stations, MB2TA stations, no bus station. I think of Phoenix, giant airport, lots of highways coming in and out of it, giant train station, giant bus station. What you wanna do, what you wanna do with your website, with your internet presence, is move from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Phoenix. You want hundreds of highways coming in and out of it, and that's links coming into your site. You want a giant airport, that's your Facebook page. You want a big old train station, that's your Twitter, etcetera, etcetera. The better the content on your site, the more you turn your site into this publishing engine, the more links you pull in. The bigger your dot, the more you'll become a hub on the internet, the less you'll have to pay for traditional marketing. It creates this leverage that propels you. People with me on that? Okay. Cool.

02:19 Halligan: Okay. So step one with inbound marketing is opening the top of your funnel. How do you open the top of your funnel? How do you go from this year, you're ranked Inc 420 to next year, how do you go Inc 42? How do you get even better next year, and how do you open the top of your funnel? Your goal... My goal, my goal for all of you, is in the next year, you wanna get five times more visitors through the top of your funnel. Five times more visitors to your website. And the way you do that is the shift to create brilliant, remarkable content. Turn your website into a hub. But at the end of the day, no one cares about visitors to their website. They care about cash in their pocket, they care about customers. So you use content to pull people in, and then you use context to pull people through your funnel and make them qualified leads and customers.