Video Transcript

00:10 Brian Halligan: Okay. I wanna talk a little bit about... A lot of people ask me "I like this inbound marketing stuff. I wanna do it. I need some help. I need to hire a marketing person. Who should I hire?" Does anyone know who this fine gentleman is on the screen?

00:23 Halligan: Who? No. It's exactly who you don't wanna hire. It's the CMO of Coca Cola. And you don't want to hire the CMO of Coca Cola because he is very good at traditional outbound marketing. He's very good at turning dollars into customers which... And he has these major assets that none of us have, like a massive brand. So, don't hire him. So, who should you hire? How do we know who to hire for inbound marketing? What do they look like? What do they smell like? What do they feel like? Where the heck do you find them for crying out loud?

00:55 Halligan: Okay. So, I come up with an acronym. It's called "DARC", D-A-R-C. I'm gonna walk through the world's perfect inbound marketing hire. The D stands for digital natives. You wanna hire digital natives, not digital immigrants. Alright. How do you know you've got have a digital immigrant? Well, if someone speaks Internet with an accent, they're a digital immigrant. Who here is a digital immigrant? Come on, in the back. Who's a digital immigrant back there? Alright, we got a lot of digital immigrants.

01:24 Halligan: Second thing you wanna do, the internet used to be... Or marketing used to be very artsy-craftsy, very touchy-feely. Now, there's a lot of numbers there, a lot of analytics that can really create power for you, particularly, around conversion marketing. You wanna hire analytical people, kind of geeked out people actually. And the question I like to ask interviewees is... Let's say, Suzy comes in for the interview. I say "Suzy, open up your laptop, and show me your favorite spreadsheet with a pivot table and some brilliant insight". And then Suzy looks at me like this "What's a pivot table?" She's not analytical.

01:56 Halligan: Reach, you wanna hire somebody with a massive reach. 10 years ago, it was about your Rolodex. Today it's about your reach. How many Twitter followers, Facebook fans, LinkedIn group members, blog subscribers. This gal on the picture here is Laura Fitton. She's @Pistachio on Twitter. And she came to work for HubSpot. She's got over 100,000 Twitter followers. And when we hire her, we sort of bring her following with us. So, look for that person in your industry, who maybe is early in their career, that's got a big substantial following in your field that's pulling a lot of people in through their blog or Twitter.

02:29 Halligan: C is content. If you're not a content creator, find somebody who is. This gal is Rebecca Corliss. She is a very interesting gal. We hired her between her junior and senior year at BU. We said, create a video. And SO, she took an Alanis Morissette video and turned it into an inbound marketing video, did a really nice job on it, and it went viral, and it really spread on the web and now it's this permanent asset that's sitting there, sort of five years later, pulling in customers for us. So, you need to hire people... If you're not familiar with creating content and you're nervous about it, you need to kind of get over yourself or hire somebody who can do it.

03:02 Halligan: So, D-A-R-C is the acronym to remember. That's how you hire your intern or your next marketer.

03:10 Halligan: In your marketing organization... A lot of marketing organizations are organized in different ways. I think the way to organize a marketing department is to have at least one person, all they do is create content. They own the top of the funnel. They own that 5X more visitors goal. Then you have somebody else or maybe a team that owns that context goal. How do I create context and move that 5X from 1% to 5% conversion rate in your funnel. That's how I think a modern marketing organization should get organized today. And when you go back, you might want to think about that. If there's only one person, that's fine. They can split their time 50/50 between them.