As a child, did you apply to the SBA for a loan to fund your bake sales?

Did you fear you weren't going to be able to scale your newspaper route?

Here are 15 ways to determine just how intrinsic the startup bug is to your DNA...

1. When watching Peanuts cartoons as a child you assessed Lucy's 5-cent psychiatric booth as not worth a dime of seed funding.

2. You believe with any cuisine the best vegetable accompaniment is peas--price, product, promotion and place.

3. When shopping in the grocery store at the spice rack you always chuckle to yourself that "thyme is money."

4. At catered events you pronounce "buffet" in the Warren way.

5. Your indie-rock cover band in college was called Guided by Invoices.

6. You consider your ACL surgery a stage of the iterative process on the way to building your personal brand.

7. You always just assumed the Rolling Stones song "Gimme Shelter" was about Caribbean tax havens.

8. Your favorite baseball player of all time is a toss-up between Ernie Banks and Dave Cash.

9. You give Grover Cleveland a pass on his ineffectual presidency because his face is on the $1,000 bill.

10. You continue to kick around that idea of transforming a refrigerator into wearable tech.

11. You catalogue your Jay-Z records "pre-millionaire" and "post-millionaire."

12. To echo Mark Cuban's personal brand, you'd given thought to changing your last name to "Costa Rican"...

13. You respect the innovation process behind Tinder, but you wish the dating app had a debt portfolio aspect when searching user profiles.

14. You were surprised to learn that "Amazon" was actually a name first given to a large wooded area in South America that gets a lot of rainfall.

15. You've amended the old adage to: if life gives you lemons, you turn it into a lemonade stand.