Have you ever purchased a product online just because it had the most positive reviews? Or ate at a restaurant because it had the longest line in town?

Then you'll be pleased to know that the same psychological processes that led you to make those purchases can be leveraged to get others to make purchase from you, too.

This phenomenon is called social proof and it's everywhere. It's a phenomenon where we look to others in an attempt to figure out what the best course of action is in an unfamiliar situation. It's all around us and as an ecommerce entrepreneur, you can use this simple psychological "trick" to get more subscribers, customers and, of course, cash in the bank.

But don't just take my word for it. As someone who's met all the winners of the Shopify Build A Business (and their most recent, much bigger Build A Bigger Business) contest, I can attest that every single one of these multi-million dollar store owners use it, too.

Here are 3 ways you can apply it with great success.

Use Credibility Multipliers

If you sell online you probably know this, but it bears repeating anyway: product pages are lifeline of your ecommerce business. If your product pages aren't convincing, nobody will buy from you. It's that simple. If you're looking to amplify the power of your product pages, use what I call "credibility multipliers".

These multipliers give you tremendous social proof, and include everything from third-party seals -the Better Business Bureau logo is a popular example- to security seals and even credit card logos. Scored some major press? Throw those logos on there. Credibility multipliers promote trust and demonstrate you've been vetted by others in some capacity.

Display Subscriber Counts

Compelling offers used to be enough. You know these: exciting contests, free guidebooks and the like. These are common incentives you can use to get prospects to hand over their contact information.

But, if you really want to crush resistance, display your current subscriber count (well, if it's high enough that is) to entice potential subscribers stuck on the fence. Savvy bloggers do this all the time (e.g., "Join the 183,571 others who've subscribed!").

Display Product Purchase Counts

Groupon is a fabulous example of this. If a customer who's on the fence about making a purchase decision sees that 5000+ other people bought your product, that there's not a lot left in stock or that customers bought that item more than any other, it'll ease concerns.

It's the digital equivalent of seeing a long line outside a restaurant, and it helped take my former custom jewelry brand to new heights. You can configure this to display automatically with shop apps.

There's more, but even if you just implement these 3 strategies on your site, I can guarantee you'll increase your subscribers, customers and conversions.