Getting brick-and-mortar shoppers to buy online is no easy feat. Few people understand this better than Andy Dunn, co-founder of Bonobos, a men's retail business that started out in e-commerce and now has nearly 50 stores in cities including Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.

As Dunn tells Bulletin founders Ali Kriegsman and Alana Branston in a new Inc. video, transitioning customers to e-commerce comes down to one crucial touch point: a genuine human interaction.

That means spending fewer advertising dollars to get people to your site, and more time finding employees who will help customers engage more deeply with the brand, whether through a customer service line, a well-written email, or even in person at a store.

So where do you find these stellar employees? According to Dunn, they can be anywhere, so it doesn't hurt to keep a business card on hand in case you come across someone who is open to searching for another opportunity. For example, he says, one of his favorite employees has a background serving in the Air Force and selling knives door-to-door. 

"You gotta think outside of the box around what kinds of human beings are going to be really great in terms of empathy and energy, who don't come from the industry," Dunn says. "You can just feel it when you're with someone. So I think when I'm out, who delivers great service regardless of where I am?"

Watch the video above for more of Dunn's advice on hiring, customer service, and other subjects.