Nap time isn't just for children anymore.

Companies such as Uber, Google, and Zappos have introduced nap pods, sleep rooms, and other snooze-friendly amenities into American workplaces to help combat what one study found is a $63 billion annual loss in productivity due to lack of sleep.

If you aren't lucky enough to work at one of those businesses, mattress startup Casper has come up with a new way to help you catch up on your rest--while creating some revenue for itself. The company recently opened the Dreamery, a facility where overtired workers can pay to lie down in a luxe nap pod. A $25 fee gets you a one-hour session.

In a new Inc. Tested video, two of our staffers headed to the Dreamery in New York City to see if they felt more rested after a little siesta. Unfortunately, after 45 minutes neither had gotten much sleep.

"I wouldn't say [I slept] more than like three minutes at a time," says Kevin Ryan. "It was kinda like start to fall asleep, and then jolt awake and be like, 'Where am I? I'm in a nap pod.'"

"I think I got probably 10 to 15 minutes of solid sleep in that 45 minutes," says Chris Beier.

According to Sara Mednick, a sleep researcher and the author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life, that's nearly all you need. A 20- to 60-minute nap might be just long enough to enter stage-two sleep, often known as non-rapid eye movement (R.E.M.) sleep, Mednick told The New York Times. And while any nap can increase your alertness, a little R.E.M. sleep can improve your creativity, memory, and associative thinking, helping you make more connections and brainstorm ideas.

No matter how much actual sleep you get at Casper's Dreamery, you can still enjoy a host of perks including complimentary facemasks, earplugs, snacks, coffee, and some pretty snazzy pajamas. And while you and your employees might not be able to get some shut-eye every workday, a nap pod (or even a super-comfy couch) could be worth the investment.