Last week I shared some tactics to help you start to audit your employer brand and get it into shape to attract the best talent to your business. As promised, this week I'm continuing on this theme and looking at the importance of auditing the various tech you may be using to help you recruit.

Is the tech you're using in the best shape to help you find the right people to join your team?  Data and technology are increasingly playing a big role in recruitment. Here are five things to look at to ensure your recruitment tech is delivering the goods.

1. Careers Website Content Management System 

How long is it since you reviewed your careers website content management system? Content is king in any marketing activity and recruitment marketing is no exception. Make sure the CMS you're using is up to date and is helping you post the kind of rich, engaging mobile-responsive content that can help your talent attraction that little bit extra than your competitors.

A good CMS should allow you to easily add and update content and to display it consistently. It should be able to fully integrate with your consumer brand in terms of look and feel. It should come with great tech support when you need it and be able to help your search engine results. If not, it could be time to look for a better system.

2. Social Media Management

Social media should be playing a big role in amplifying your employer brand and your talent attraction. How are you managing that? There are a number of highly useful systems available to help you automate your social media. They can help you schedule posts, gather content and do some social listening for you. Don't just broadcast though, make sure whatever you share adds value, but check out automation to ease the load in terms of time and resource.

3. Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System, (ATS), can help you further ease that load. Amongst a number of benefits, an ATS can help do a first sift of candidates, maximising your hiring manager's time in then only seeing those that are already in with a good chance of a job offer. So, hiring times and costs are reduced. An ATS can assist in the candidate experience. Candidates love to be kept informed, and an ATS can help you keep them happy and engaged. If you've used an ATS to hire, have you been asking your hires for feedback on their experience?

4. Internal communications

Keeping your HR team, department managers, hiring managers and senior team in the loop regarding the progress of a recruitment drive can be complicated. It can lead to confusing or simply incorrect information going out to candidates and wrecking your employer brand consistency.

Using an internal system such as Trello or Slack helps give everyone a clear picture and gives everyone chance to collaborate. It reduces the silo mentality that can exist, especially in big organizations, and can help to agree quickly and collaboratively on such things as job descriptions, job specifications, timetables, and offers.

5. Video interviewing

Are you using video interviewing yet? If you're recruiting in big numbers or across time zones, a face to face interview isn't always possible, especially in the early stages of a recruitment drive. Video interviewing can help. They give you chance to "see" a candidate and their body language, to get an early idea of their personality and attitudes.

Recording the interviews allows for the recording to be shared with others involved in the hiring process, to help make collaborative decisions. They give you chance to do an audio-visual assessment of the candidate and move them along the process with efficiency. Well worth thinking about.

That's just a brief look at a few tech solutions to check on and implement that can positively impact on your talent attraction activity. Next time we'll look at how to audit your competition's employer brand and talent attraction in order to improve your own.