An intranet isn't always a preferred channel of communication within a company, this can be due to the size of it, the number of employees it has or the nature of the business. Emails are still used as the traditional and direct way to reach someone but that's just one of many tools available these days and may not be the best way to boost team engagement.

Implementing a communication tool for your employees such as an intranet, will help broadcast key company updates and present a platform where company information and resources can be shared with everyone and will also encourage more discussions. They can provide some intimacy via an instant messaging feature for real-time conversations which makes for faster responses. A lot of the tools available today provide a fun and animated place for employees to upload images, gifs, and integrations of other platforms like Google Docs, Dropbox, Office 365 etc.

For employees who don't work within the same office or department, or for a new starter it can be hard to get to grips with who does what within their role without a proper introduction; this can result in a lack of communication in the future. So it's important for all team members to know their colleagues, intranets can allow profiles to be set up with personalized details like; how long someone's been with the company, what they do there, their title, which office they're based in etc.

Here are three important things your company needs to focus on and how intranets can help.

Culture Craze

More and more candidates these days are considering a company's culture when searching and applying for roles, so it's important to put more focus on your values and policies, and how you execute this. Align your company values with your strategy as this can be a powerful tool and can impact your level of applications and the quality of talent you're hiring.

Practice what you preach, company culture shows you care and this is important to your employees, it's essential to them to feel valued and they'll be more inclined to give value and commitment back into their work.

Intranets can help, remember they shouldn't be dull and used only to share company resources but instead to promote your team through real-life stories, relevant imagery and design. They're also great places to show off the work your colleagues are producing, everyone loves a humble brag and most work for the likes of clients goes unmissed by the whole team.

Peer-to-Peer Communication

Regular and constructive feedback between peers promotes collaboration and this kind of communication among your employees can be influential on the work produced company-wide. You should support this level of teamwork by rewarding and showcasing it and therefore, ensuring it doesn't diminish and keep engagement growing.

Also known as horizontal communication, intranets are perfect for this! It encourages knowledge, updates and what might seem like an insignificant insight being shared which grows into some quality collaboration and work. Building relationships at work can be enjoyable and the social aspects some employees need to succeed.

Popular tools like Dropbox and Google Docs specifically help the likes of entrepreneurs who might operate via widespread business relationships and need an easy method of keeping everyone in the loop and in sync with projects, updates and general communication. 

Reachable and Fast

No matter how remote or distance your employees might be, you should strive to include and engage them all and this means your method of communication should be fast and reachable. Keeping up with the digital and technical trends are your best chances, this means researching the best intranet for you. For instance, consider employees travelling or residing in different locations communicating via desktop might not be the best way.

The use of mobile is more convenient, faster and easier access, especially for instant communication and information. There are lots of different channels but a clear trend is the use of apps, so find an intranet which enables you to set up push notifications and sync up other features off your device which saves inputting the same information over and over.

Team communication is so important, no matter what industry you operate in or the kind of products and/or services you provide. As your business expands so should your level of team communication, this will reflect on the work being produced.