It's hard to believe that Jerry Maguire (released December 1996) is nearly 21 years old. Yet despite the 90's haircuts and questionable denim clothing, I still consider Jerry Maguire to be one of the most poignant examples of the human experience.

For anyone in the world of HR and Talent Acquisition, you know all too well how challenging it is to attract talent. Not just the best talent--but also the right talent--to your brand.

Sometimes we need to think outside the box to understand what drives people, and not just on a rational level. We need to dig one step deeper and uncover the emotional complexities behind human decision-making.

Whether you're a hiring manager or the global head of talent acquisition, recruitment is about people. So, to stay one step ahead of the competition, here are ten powerful lessons that Jerry Maguire can teach us about attracting talent (and more importantly, about attracting people):

1. "Help me, help you!"

Active listening is incredibly important during the hiring process. We need to make sure we're constantly testing for a real culture fit.

If the vibe for a candidate doesn't seem like right, don't hire them. It's not always the easy decision, but it saves everyone time and money.

2. "Less clients, more relationships."

Overworked hiring managers have a massive impact on talent acquisition success (or lack thereof). If we don't give hiring managers the proper time and tools to ask candidates intelligent questions, we're wasting a huge opportunity.

Set aside time for proper feedback. This gives the candidate better opportunities further down the line, and can result in a referral or some good old-fashioned positive word-of-mouth about your company.

3. "Lose the ability to BS."

Let's not kid ourselves: No job is amazing every day, so don't sell it like it is. Why not embrace the negative aspects so a true hero can rise to the challenge?

Metropolitan Police in London released a fantastic recruitment campaign that asks the question, "Who would want to do this job?" It takes a certain person to become a Met Police officer--and, funnily enough, that's exactly what they're looking for.

Embrace your authenticity and let it shine. Good things will happen.

4. "Show me the money."

There are no two ways about it--you need to pay people the going rate in order to attract the best talent. But remember, you first need to help your team sell pay, progression and benefits in a way that instills confidence and security.

5. "You had me at hello."

First impressions are priceless. A simple but powerful welcome is an important detail in any recruitment process. In fact, scratch the word 'process' and change it to 'experience', because that's what it is to the candidate. It's a human experience, and you need to be at the top of your game.

6. "You are hanging on by a very thin thread, and I dig that about you."

If there's quirkiness to your business, don't brush it under the carpet. Celebrate it. Quite often, marketers skulk around a business trying to invent something about that business to increase sales. Stop. Use what you have and embrace the interesting.

7. "I'm still sort of moved by your 'My word is stronger than oak' thing."

In the world of talent attraction, you really need to do what you say and back it up with a formal contract. If you forget the smallest detail, or conveniently remember something in a slightly different way, then you lose faith and trust with the candidate immediately.

If there's a chance your team is selling something that's not true, then it needs correcting--and quick.

8. "Shut up and play the game with your heart."

Dare to connect with your talent. Capture moments that make the company great and don't be afraid to show a little human emotion. If you can arm your team with those kind of assets, you'll find a more consistent and 'on brand' experience being delivered.

What's more, your team will be inspired to deliver those messages with enthusiasm and passion.

9. "If the heart is empty, the head doesn't matter."

If you can't honestly say why someone should join your organization (and feel proud when you say it), then either find someone who can say it for you, or join a different business that you can talk passionately about.

10. "I clap my hands every morning and say, this is going to be a great day!"

Yes, recruitment is all about the candidates, but don't forget your hiring managers too. Remember, these people directly influence your candidate experience, which means your hiring managers need some love and attention too.

How can you make their lives easier, more efficient or pleasurable? Spend that little bit of extra effort and you'll see it repaid tenfold.