Those who are embarking on this path understand that it is their greatest chance of acquiring wealth and obtaining the freedom that we all crave and deserve.

Yet for many, the idea of going solo and starting a business from the ground up seems daunting and overwhelming; and for good reason. It requires tireless dedication, sacrifice, networking skills, and many other proficiencies and components. It's how I built my first company Launch Leads, bootstrapped and alone. Because of all the potential stressors, fear of failure, and mind-boggling amounts of hustle that come with entrepreneurial endeavors, scores of people play it safe and remain in mediocre positions instead of following their dreams of becoming the head honcho of their own organization.

Luckily, there are scads of solutions, services, and tools available to the average individual that can help kick start a business and cut through all of the bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.

To give you a taste of tangible tools that can help you now, here are six digital partners to help you start a business today.

1. Hopscratch

Hopscratch touts itself as a service that will deliver you a "business in a box" through establishing a company name and legally registering your business, launching websites, crafting business cards and related startup tasks. Each "business in a box" is custom tailored to the client and cuts out immense amounts of legwork for budding entrepreneurs. If your style is more hands-on, there are also DIY options available with free to access step-by-step guides for incorporating your business, opening a business bank account, and registering employee identification numbers..

Hopscratch eliminates all of the hassle of legal, financial, marketing, and productivity aspects so that entrepreneurs can focus on the big picture and build something that is truly worthwhile. With this extremely useful tool, potential business owners need do little more than pick a service plan, customize their dream company, and bring it to the world. Hopscratch gets all of this handled in just two weeks, which is epically fast. If you need help with the first step to launching your business, your wish has been granted.

2. WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is an end-to-end cloud-based software solution already employed by more than 6,000 businesses in varying industries across the globe. This tool is an all-out business manager as it helps to supervise projects, invoices, timesheets, reports, and so much more. The company says that its services, on average, save each individual 628 hours and approximately $22,000 per year; substantial figures for entrepreneurs who are already strapped for both time and money.

Built specifically for small to medium sized businesses, WorkflowMax's extensive suite of tools allows for owners to generate quotes and invoices for clients which can then be sent digitally. With a single click, clients can accept, effectively turning your quote into a project, all inside the tool. From there, teams can manage time, task assignments, milestones, and more. And since this tool runs off the cloud, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime you need it.

Additionally, WorkflowMax integrates with over 30 different systems, including parent company Xero's, accounting, online bookkeeping, and other services. WorkflowMax is a highly powerful partner to any entrepreneur looking for all manner of administrative help.

3. Stripe

If you are establishing an online business, you are going to need a way to accept and process payments. Meet Stripe; your company's new cashier. Already in use by massive companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Apple, and many others, Stripe offers a suit of flexible tools that allow for seamless interactions with paying customers from around the world.

Stripe's customizable payment flow is super versatile as it flawlessly works across desktop and mobile devices, allows for integration with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Amex Express Checkout, and supplies a variety of account management tools.

Additionally, if your business is looking to break into U.S markets but finds that it is just too expensive, Stripe has you covered. For a mere $500, Stripe will handle all the necessary documents for incorporating your business in Delaware, registering with the IRS, and creating a U.S. bank account. The company is deadest on making sure that businesses from all over the world can expand their offerings into new territories with Stripe Atlas, which is another powerful tool to launch your business on a global scale.

4. Shake

One of the most challenging processes of starting a new business is translating legalese into something that is understandable. As a new business owner you will have to read, sign, and generate plenty of seemingly incomprehensible documents for your business and clients alike. Cut down on all the unintelligible language and get to the heart of the matter with Shake.

This new mobile application takes all of the complexity out of contract agreements by providing customizable legal templates that can be sent, signed, and managed all from a smartphone device. And yes, the contracts are in fact legally binding; this is the real deal. Shake's customizable templates include nondisclosure agreements, freelance hire forms, bill of sale documents, and many others, along with the option to create your own. Shake is the next best thing to having your own company lawyer.

5. Cyfe

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a business is to keep all operations under one roof. When it comes to the online world, you are bombarded with data from all directions, which can easily turn into a nightmare.

Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that allows you to effortlessly monitor all your business data in one place. Social media, analytics, marketing and sales generate a whole host of data you don't want to go to waste.

With Cyfe, companies big and small can boost profitability by conducting careful analysis of operations, set and monitor financial goals and take action on the received data. After all, in the era of big data, it's crucial that your business makes the most of even the most innocuous piece of information.

6. Pana

Pana--essentially the 21st-century version of a travel agency. They handle my travel arrangements at my startup Outro, so that I can focus on building my business.
The Pana experience starts with a welcome call, connecting you to a real person who will get to know your travel preferences. When you have travel coming up, all you need to do is send a message via the iPhone app, SMS or email with any request for an upcoming or current trip. For example, I could say "I need to go to NYC next week for meetings, can you book a flight, hotel and rental car?"
Within minutes, my Pana team sends over an itinerary, tailored to my needs and my preferences. To make a booking, I tap one button and I'm done. And if I have a travel delay or problem (which always seems to happen to me!), my Pana team alerts me when something goes wrong and proactively works to fix the situation.

There is an endless bounty of tools and services available to would-be business owners who are ready to take the leap and invest in their own futures. Today's ingenuity knows no bounds, meaning that there is a solution for almost anything you can fathom. When it comes to starting a business, the tools available make it easier than ever. The only thing left holding you back Is you. Go on, dive in. Fulfill that dream. You've got all the tools and know-how to make it happen.