Consumerism is continuously on the rise, creating the perfect playground for all business-minded individuals looking to make a claim in the multibillion-dollar ecommerce industry. More than that, 2016 is the consolidation of the mobile era, which suits ecommerce companies very well. It is predicted that in the next two years 50 percent of all consumers will be making transactions using their mobile devices. To prepare for this, many ecommerce platform startups are building their business models on mobile apps with top-notch user experience designs.

As all entrepreneurs know, when a market is about to explode, it is the prime time to push your vision forward in order to be at the top of the pecking order. You can succeed in ecommerce even with a tight budget. While there are many companies that are already in the race, there are a few startups that you should keep an eye on in 2016.

One of the most genius ideas of the last few years, specifically targeted for city dwellers. Originating from New York City, it's no surprise how they came up with this service. Boxed offers its customers free delivery on bulk orders, made straight from your mobile phone. With short delivery times, large quantities to save money and free shipping, this company has understood its clients needs to a tee. You don't even need to be a member to use the service, making it a one-stop-shop for all your city needs.

With its tagline "E-Commerce Reimagined", this globally oriented startup offers users the ability to create customizable products to fit any purpose in your business. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and having to deal with multiple suppliers, this company can do it all for you. Viralstyle is supporting marketers with more than just great products; they even ship them directly to your customers whilst giving you all of the profits. Their vision for 2016 will encompass social media management, analytics for developing your product, and brand management.

After raising $65 million in the beginning of 2015, Porch can still be considered a start-up and deserves a place on this list. As a platform that enables homeowners to reach any home improvement service that they need at the touch of a button, Porch has found a niche market that is worth millions. The company is so confident in giving quality services, it even offers $1000 guarantee for any work done in your home.

You can call this company the professional matchmaker of Silicon Valley, which has elements that even Linkedin should take notes from. Companies such as Facebook, Uber, Evernote and Github are all using this service to find their top talents; it looks like 2016 will be a good year to get on board as a job seeker with Hired. They pride themselves on vetting all of the registrants in their system to only choose the top 5% in the chosen fields. With a team of veteran entrepreneurs, you can expect to see much more of this dynamic start up in the next few years.

When a startup is able to challenge Gillete in the ecommerce business, there is a reason to pay attention. The Dollar Shave Club started in 2012 as a service to deliver razors every month to its paying male subscribers. Over the years they have received over $150 million dollars of investment and a 2 million member loyal following. A key factor in their startup success is that they really paid attention to their branding, one of the most important aspect of ecommerce business. With a growing popularity (taking 13.6% of all US razor sales to be exact), in 2016 you are likely to see more non-razor items in its inventory, such as wet wipes and hair products. Oh, and they make hilarious viral videos to attract the right attention.

As a competitor to Craigslist, with the feel of Airbnb and a mobile user base, Zumper is the new real estate platform to be making waves in the ecommerce valley. The pain that this start up is aiming to solve is the one that many of us have experienced, the terrible process of going to an apartment viewing only to battle against 100 other applicants. Zumper is making it easier by allowing you to do it all on your phone, without the unnecessary hassle of racing to the agency.

Without too much foresight, these 6 ecommerce startups are going to be making some waves in the next year, and you are sure to hear about it.