Almost every individual in business probably has the following response in regard to yet another article about video marketing: "We get it! Video is important!" You know that consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. You know that B2B and B2C marketers worldwide agree that video is the most effective social-media marketing method.

Yes, you know video marketing is powerful. But chances are, your brand isn't using it. In fact just 24 percent of brands use online video to reach customers. Why is your company ignoring this mighty tactic? Let these six video marketing ideas be your inspiration to finally start your company's initiative.

1. Show off your company culture.

Give a tour of your facilities, bring out the camera phones during your next company outing, or simply introduce your staff. Giving customers access to this typically closed-off information creates a level of personality you can't create with any other method.

2. Tease with previews of a brand-new product.

Film snippets or hints about what the new product will include and share it via social media. Networks like Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine are perfect tools for this video-marketing tactic. You don't need an expensive camera or editing software, just your smartphone!

3. Finally shed light on a complicated process.

If you provide a service or SaaS (software as a service), using video to describe a complicated process is the perfect way to clearly describe it to consumers. Consider using an animated video or a whiteboard setup for maximum effectiveness.

4. Capture your best customers singing your praises.

Reviews are a powerful piece of content to have in your arsenal. At my previous startup, LaunchLeads, we still use video, not only on the homepage, but for video testimonials that have been incredibly powerful and helped us convert more new clients than almost anything else! Testimonials become even MORE meaningful when you can actually see the person giving the review instead of just reading it. Nothing fancy is required here, just your best customers and what means the most to their experience.

5. Answer questions received via social media.

Your business has probably received a question or two via social media over the years. Use video marketing to record yourself giving a detailed answer, and share it with them!

6. Update consumers on the latest news in your industry and what it means for them.

While you may live and breathe on the latest news in your industry, your customer may not share that same passion. However, news and events still have an impact on the customer experience. Big, industry-specific news story just broke? Detail how it impacts customers by using a video.

Don't let intimidation, budget, or creativity constraints stop your business from using video marketing!