Business and personalities under your care can get messy, and mistakes and failures happen even to the best. In the face of so many responsibilities and expectations, it can be easy to lose the thread of gratitude that makes your job joyful.

More than just a social tool for marketing, Twitter is a great place to get your daily reboot back to the leader you know you can be. Social media can be a perfect way to get content from some of the best motivational speakers in the world. These speakers send out daily blasts of inspiration that can bring you back to your humanity after a long day--or a long year.

Here are some of the best inspirational Twitter users I've found who speak directly to the heart of the entrepreneur. Follow them, and watch your leadership capabilities soar.

1. Wright Thurston

A former IBM employee who made his fortune in real estate investing, Wright Thurston is first and foremost a "success mentor" and coach who has delivered over 3,400 presentations on financial and personal success. He describes himself as an "Eternal Optimist," and his Twitter feed reflects his family focus and positivity.

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2. Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a force to be reckoned with. Besides her 11 published books and her bid for congress, she is one of the most powerful speakers alive today. Bringing spiritual values back into business is her game, and she is doing it with panache.

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3. Jim Rohn

Calling himself the "Mentor to the Masters," Jim Rohn has honed his craft over many years. Rohn started as an Idaho farm boy, moving up to make his fortune in Beverly Hills, then used his rags to riches story to inspire and lead the motivational speaking industry. Follow Rohn to get a daily dose of confidence and practicality.

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4. John Rampton

Young entrepreneur and blogger John Rampton is riding the joys and sorrows of building a startup, and his inspirational quotes can inspire any bootstrapping individual who feels that roller coaster of entrepreneurial emotion. If you want to feel less alone on your journey to success, follow Rampton.

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5. Maine Mendoza

This Filipina actress, blogger, and internet personality is as bubbly as it gets. Her phenomenal popularity made her the third fastest growing Twitter personality behind Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but she's just as down-to-earth as when she was a chef in upstate New York.

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6. Murray Newlands

U.K.-born Murray Newlands, a successful entrepreneur, columnist, speaker, business advisor, and investor, has been recognized by the U.S. government as an "alien of extraordinary ability." His presence on social media, including Vine and Instagram, reflects the hard work he does every day to be successful, utilizing gratitude and positivity at every turn.

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7. Steve Maraboli

If you don't believe in inspirational quotes, take it from a behavioral scientist: positive thinking works. Steve Maraboli is a well-loved and world-renowned author and speaker, with over 15 years of experience as a peak performance coach, mentor, and consultant. Follow him to get a real dose of motivation.

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8. Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is a lauded ethnographer and author, with such books as Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last. It is no wonder that Sinek's quotes are so well-crafted, centered as they are in his core values of expressing gratitude, fair and ethical leadership, and fulfilling work. Anyone, especially business leaders, will benefit from this visionary's thinking.

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9. Gabby Bernstein

New York Times best-selling author and "spirit junkie" Gabby Bernstein is leading a new generation of female-centric empowerment and spirituality. Her Instagram and Twitter are chock full of meditations, healthy recipes, inspirational quotes, and hilarious memes. Follow Bernstein and let her guide you on a daily path to gratitude and greatness.

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10. Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard, the "chief spiritual officer" of his management training company, has written over 30 books on management and leadership. He is widely considered an expert, and his social media is dripping with gems that you do not want to miss.

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11. Roy Bennett

Author and language educator Roy Bennett has built quite a following with his original inspirational quotes accompanied by beautiful images. Bennett says, "Images [are] the best way to avoid misunderstanding in learning." Follow Bennett for stunning visual quotes to make your day brighter.

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12. Brene Brown

With three New York Times No. 1 bestsellers and her staunchly academic credentials backing her up, Brene Brown is doing brilliant work to create a world that embraces courage, empathy, and daring. Brown's TED Talk on vulnerability has gone viral several times now, and she is just getting started. Follow her on Twitter for stories that are "data with a soul."

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Being a leader is taxing and exhausting, sometimes with little appreciation and many sleepless nights. Everyone can use a little help staying motivated and positive. The good news is the resources are available for you to use and peruse. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to start spreading a little inspiration on your own social media.