If you're finding it difficult to reach your audience through the most populated social channels, you aren't alone. Organic reach through Facebook has long been declared "dead," and the other big players like Twitter and LinkedIn typically require some amount of paid promotion to reach your exact target. While it is still possible to convert your Facebook fans into paying customers, you need to diversify your efforts.

Enter niche social media networks. While the most popular networks are obviously used by the widest subset of people, niche networks have a smaller, very identifiable user base.

A simple Google search will open up a treasure trove of social media networks packed with potential customers.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of niche social media platforms, covering every industry. Take a look at just a handful of niche social media site examples:

1. Untappd--This social networking mobile app is like Facebook, FourSquare, and Yelp rolled into one. Here exists a thriving community of beer enthusiasts share their favorite new brews and bars.

Applicable industries: Travel, Hospitality, Food & Beverage

2. LawLink--Proving that niche social media networks don't discriminate against an industry, LawLink is the social network for lawyers and members of the legal community.

Applicable industries: Law and Legal

3. All Recipes--If you've looked up a recipe online, chances are you've visited All Recipes. With this site, users can create their own profiles and share recipes to a very wide user base.

Applicable industries: Fitness & Health, Hospitality, Food & Beverage

4. Ozmosis--Health care professionals and those with business dealings in the health care industry gather on Ozmosis to discuss recent journal articles and ask questions.

Applicable industries: Healthcare

After you find an appropriate niche social network where your business will thrive, it's time to formulate your approach to engaging on the platform. Here are a few tips to remember:

Take time to learn about the platform's etiquette.

Each social networking site will have unique etiquette, or do's and don'ts. Just as Twitter and Facebook require separate approaches, these niche sites require a specialized approach as well.

Showcase your business's expertise.

Participate in conversations and genuinely help other users with issues or topics shared on the platform on which you decide to participate. Search for questions and conversations where your business can provide relevant and insightful comments.

Remember: reciprocity is key.

As with all social media networking sites, they are not the location for one-way, promotional broadcasting. Spend as much time communicating about your own products or services as you do genuinely participating in the platform.

Niche social media networks are the perfect place to connect with potential customers and network with other industry professionals. Why haven't you started searching for your business's perfect niche social media platform yet?