Social selling seems to be the buzzword lately. By now most organizations are actively engaging in social media platforms and creating a strong outreach for customers, partners and (hopefully) future customers. But there is still an internal company debate with social media strategies.

Do they really work? Most company executives are asking these questions:

  1. Is the time and money invested on social media strategies actually producing profit?
  2. Can social engagement really influence consumers to ultimately buy from one company over another?
  3. Do people really connect through social to buy B2B products?

The answer? Absolutely. In a recent report by Havas Worldwide, "Digital and the new Consumer: Emerging Paths to Purchase," a key finding was that consumers regarded social media as a direct communications pipeline to brands. In this study, 61% of consumers said they trusted peer reviews online more than expert reviews. 52% said they liked to share their product purchases online and 74% of consumers said they do online research before purchasing a product. And here's the kicker: A staggering 51% of consumers said that a non-branded blog or social media platform would change their mind about a purchase they intended to make.

Here's the bottom line: consumers are becoming increasingly engaged with their buying habits on social media, making a huge impact on the buying process. Organizations that have an engaging and current social branding will be in a significantly better position to sell their product over their less "social-savvy" competitors.

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Published on: Jan 28, 2015
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