The 25 Best Midsize Companies to Work for in America

These 250- to 999-employee businesses offer lots of onsite perks, stellar management, and opportunities to do fulfilling work.

The 25 Best Midsize Companies to Work for in America
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Not too big or too small, midsize companies are able to offer the benefits of both large corporations and small startups.

Workplace data website Great Place to Work surveyed hundreds of employees at companies around the U.S. to find the best medium-size companies to work for--defined as having between 250 and 999 employees.

These companies come highly rated by their employees for everything from top-notch management and challenging work assignments to perks like free breakfast and onsite gyms.

Read on to see which workplaces made the cut.

25. Roth Staffing Companies

Orange, California

Work-life balance is a top priority at Roth Staffing Companies, a business that helps other companies fill both temporary and full-time positions. Roth employees have the option of working on a unique "9/80 flex schedule," which allows them to work nine longer days a year and get every other Friday off.

The company also offers compressed workweeks, offsite subsidized child care, and the option to work from home. The perks pay off, too: Ninety-six percent of employees surveyed say it's a great place to work. 

24. Xactly Corporation

San Jose, California

It's no surprise that Xactly, a company that helps businesses incentivize their employees, also provides its own staff with great perks. Employees can take advantage of free daily breakfasts, massage therapy, a fitness center, and subsidized gym memberships.

Ninety-five percent of employees surveyed said that they were proud to tell others where they work, and 96 percent reported having a great boss.

23. Walker & Dunlop

Bethesda, Maryland

At commercial real estate financing company Walker & Dunlop, philanthropy is a top priority. Employees can take up to four hours of paid time off per month to complete volunteer work, and the company will match charitable donations up to $500.

The company takes care of its own as well. Employees get free cholesterol tests, flu shots, and blood pressure screening, and health insurance covers extras like fertility treatments and mental health care.

22. EKS&H


After a year at EKS&H, employees are entitled to 29 vacation days. They can also participate in the tax and audit consulting firm's 11-month year, where a portion of their compensation can be traded for additional time off. 

Other perks include free snacks and beverages, dry cleaning, and fitness classes. No wonder 95 percent of employees say their workplace is great. 

21. American Transmission Company

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Ninety-seven percent of employees at American Transmission Company, which provides electricity to more than five million people across the Midwest, say they take great pride in their work. Additionally, 81 percent note that it's more than just a job to them; it provides a deeper sense of meaning.

The compensation is considerable too: Executive assistants earn an average of $58,836 annually, and senior engineers average $94,682. The company also matches the first 3 percent an employee contributes to his or her 401(k) dollar for dollar, and it will match half of the next 2 percent contributed.

20. Yext

New York City

A whopping 99 percent of employees at Yext say that it provides a great work atmosphere, and 98 percent report excellent bosses and communication at work. 

The digital location management software company offers some great amenities as well: one hundred percent of employees get company-paid health coverage, new parents receive a bonus to help cover the cost of their growing family, and all employees can order two meals per day off Seamless. 

19. Capco

New York City

Capco, a business and technology consulting firm for the financial services industry, places a premium on education. Employees can receive up to $10,000 of tuition reimbursement per year for continuing education, such as earning job-related certifications or attending conferences. 

The company also cares deeply about its employees' health, offering unlimited sick days for rest and recuperation. Additionally, Capco's health care policy covers everything from prescription drugs to alternative medical treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy.

18. Clif Bar & Company

Emeryville, California

Not only do 92 percent of employees deem Clif Bar & Company a great place to work internally, 100 percent agree that they feel good about the ways the company contributes to the larger community. 

The organic food and beverage company allows employees to volunteer as many hours as they want on the clock, resulting in more than 10,000 hours contributed last year alone. Employees can also donate up to 1,000 Clif Bars to any organization of their choosing, and the company will match up to $500 in charitable giving per year. 

17. West Monroe Partners


At business and technology consulting firm West Monroe Partners, experienced consultants earn an average salary of $76,140. The company also offers the option to telecommute, as well as 29 holiday and vacation days after one year of employment. 

West Monroe looks out for its employees' health as well, offering benefits including cholesterol tests, blood pressure screenings, flu shots, and an onsite fitness center.

16. Point B Inc.


Point B Inc. employees love their jobs: One hundred percent say they take great pride in their work, and 99 percent agree that the company provides great challenges, communication, and rewards. 

It's not hard to see why employees are so enthusiastic. The management consulting and venture investment and advisory firm is 100 percent employee-owned and offers tremendous flexibility. Employees choose both where they live and what they work on. Point B also actively fosters a sense of community, arranging regular outings at local restaurants and bars for consultants to chat about clients and business--all on the company's dime. 

15. eVestment

Marietta, Georgia

Employees at eVestment look forward to going to work, with 98 percent saying they're proud to tell others where they work and 97 percent noting that employees care about one another.

A full 100 percent of employees at the cloud-based investment company take advantage of eVestment's flexible schedule, which includes unlimited paid time off and the ability to telecommute. As long as employees get their work done, they're encouraged to take the time they need to relax and recharge.

14. Marco Inc.

St. Cloud, Minnesota

At technology services company Marco Inc., 96 percent of employees report that they are adequately challenged at work, with 98 percent saying that they have great bosses. 

The company offers competitive salaries--$60,000 annually on average for a field service technician and $90,000 per year for a technology adviser--as well as a 401(k) plan, an employee stock ownership plan, and up to $5,000 in college tuition reimbursement. 

13. Holder Construction Company


Holder Construction Company, a national commercial general contractor, aims to intentionally build community and camaraderie among its employees through scheduled social and corporate events throughout the year. 

The company values work-life balance as well, and offers "family paid time off," which employees can use to attend their child's school play or assist an elderly parent with a doctor's appointment.  

12. Hagerty

Traverse City, Michigan

Hagerty not only provides insurance to collectors of classic cars (and boats) but also promotes the hobby through its magazine and price guide. The company extends this hobby to its employees as well and encourages them to take part in employee vehicle restoration projects, where they get hands-on experience working with classic cars. 

Employees also look forward to free snacks, subsidized lunches, onsite mailing services, and free fitness classes. 

11. Peckham Inc.

Lansing, Michigan

Peckham Inc., a nonprofit vocational rehabilitation organization, aims to help those with disabilities develop the skills needed to excel in the workplace.

Peckham extends this outlook to its own work force through several programs that strive to improve each day on the job. Employees can look forward to wellness incentives such as gym membership reimbursements, onsite massages, the ability to work from home when needed, and unlimited data on company-sponsored smartphones. 

10. HubSpot

Cambridge, Massachusetts

One hundred percent of HubSpot's employees believe that the company's management is honest and ethical, that their co-workers are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done, and that their work provides adequate challenges. 

Employees at the inbound marketing and sales platform also receive unlimited vacation days, up to $5,000 in college tuition reimbursement, free flu shots, dry cleaning, and the option to work remotely when needed. 

9. Centro


Employees love working at media management software company Centro. In fact, 97 percent consider it a great work atmosphere and tout incredible bosses. 

Employees get 28 vacation days per year, 60 days paid maternity leave, and a 50 percent match on up to 8 percent of their 401(k) contributions. "Centrons" who refer others to join their workplace also receive hefty bonuses: $2,500 for standard positions and up to $6,000 for key roles. 

8. Cirrus Logic


Headquartered in the live-music capital of the country, Cirrus Logic is all about sound. The company develops audio components for smartphones, tablets, headphones, and cars, and it bestows employees with several music-related perks as well.

Cirrus Logic employees enjoy monthly concerts featuring local artists, passes to the South by Southwest and Austin City Limits music festivals, and open-mic nights during the company's weekly happy hours. 

7. Assurance

Schaumburg, Illinois

At independent insurance brokerage company Assurance, 95 percent of employees take advantage of the company's flexible schedule and 70 percent use the option to telecommute. 

The company extends its risk management mentality to its employees, offering several opportunities for them to earn bonuses for completing tasks and achievements such as running in a 5K or attending onsite seminars.  

6. Etsy

Brooklyn, New York

Peer-to-peer e-commerce site Etsy isn't just great for finding unique clothing and jewelry--it's also a highly rated place to work. The company covers 100 percent of employees' health care plans, gives employees 40 hours of PTO for volunteering, and offers 27 vacation days per year. 

Employees also enjoy small perks that make daily life easier, such as free breakfast and lunch, onsite fitness classes, and a "breathing room" where they can grab a blanket and refresh with an afternoon nap. Etsy is also dog friendly, with employees' pooches making regular appearances at the office and meetings. 

5. Squarespace

New York City

Employees at Squarespace feel at home from day one. Everyone from interns to higher-ups receives a welcome gift bag on his or her first day, filled with products ranging from branded notebooks to handmade caramels.

But it's more than just free swag that entices employees at the website-building company to stick around. Squarespace covers 100 percent of employees' health insurance, offers up to $3,000 in college tuition reimbursement, and supplies free breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. 

4. 4imprint Inc.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Ninety-eight percent of employees at 4imprint, a company that creates promotional products such as pens and tote bags, say they're proud of where they work. Another 97 percent offer a similar sentiment, saying that they feel good about how the company contributes to the broader community.

In addition to creating swag for other companies, 4imprint gives its own employees plenty of perks, including paid time off for volunteering, personal concierge services, discount ticket sales, and free snacks all day. 

3. ESL Federal Credit Union

Rochester, New York

ESL Federal Credit Union, which provides banking and wealth management services to Rochester residents, gives employees 25 vacation days per year and 60 days of paid maternity leave. The company will also match employees' 401(k) contributions up to 4 percent of their salary annually.

ESL employees also appreciate daily perks such as subsidized lunches, massages, dry cleaning services, and an onsite fitness center. 

2. Atlassian

San Francisco

More than 97 percent of Atlassian employees agree: It's a great work atmosphere, the management is honest and ethical, the company provides great rewards, and it's a fun place to work.

Perks like fully paid health insurance, flexible time off, paid volunteer time, free breakfast, and an on-campus gym likely contribute to the enterprise software company's glowing reviews. 

1. Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation

Huntsville, Alabama

Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation provides engineering and analytical services to its customers --including the Department of Defense. It also provides its employees with a variety of perks, such as certification exams for employees to further their job skills; Care Day, in which a physical therapist, a nutritionist, and a massage therapist, among others, visit the office and attend to employees; and on-the-spot bonuses throughout the year.

The compensation is great too: Senior analysts earn an average of $143,613 annually, and the company covers 100 percent of all employees' health insurance. 

This story first appeared on Business Insider. 

Oct 23, 2015
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