Whether you're negotiating for more office space or trying to close a big deal, it's helpful to have a few staple tricks up your sleeve. In order to become a skilled negotiator, you should plan on refining both your business prowess and your social smarts.

Five entrepreneurs from FounderSociety share the negotiation tactics they've used to get ahead in their careers.

1. Ask for more than you want.

I learned a long time ago that when you're negotiating, you need to ask for more than you really want -- sometimes a lot more than you really want.

Don't be afraid to give a low ball offer and possibly insult the seller. You'd be surprised where they counter. I have made thousands of dollars in a very short period of time, just by asking.  

2. Listen closely.

Listen with both your brain and heart. With your brain, understand what the other side is saying and note any data points that might be important to them.

With your heart, understand the why the other person may want their side to win and what outcome they are trying to achieve.

3. Let them make the first move.

Let them go first when giving you a quote. This way, you see where they stand and won't make the mistake of accidentally up-selling yourself without realizing it.

4. Make your message clear.

Before any negotiation, it's important to know how far you're willing to go before the deal isn't in your favor. Using tact to deliver a tough message can be the difference in how any negotiation works out.

There are certainly more than a couple of ways to tell someone no, but only a small amount will deliver the message in a way that doesn't ruin the relationship.

5. Start high.

Start high so you know that you have room to come down to your true number. Coming down gives the impression that you are willing to negotiate and helps the other party come up from their number, because you lowered yours already.

In the end, everyone feels better because both of you had to move a little off of your number to get the deal done.