Are you a work martyr?

If you're always in the office and never take vacation, no matter how generous your company's policy is, then you might be.

Many jobs allow for such workaholism (if not outright endorse it), but at certain places, work martyrdom is out of the question. Instead of just giving employees paid time off or unlimited vacation days, these businesses actually set aside a chunk of their budget to give employees extra money to take vacations.

Here are some the places work martyrs should probably apply.


Web development company Basecamp has paid for its employees vacations for the last seven years.

Each year, the company puts together a list of 16 vacation packages that employees past the one-year mark get to choose from. Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, tells Business Insider that the trips range from $4,000-$5,000 apiece. Many are geared toward specific kinds of travelers, such as single people or couples.


Marketing and advertising company SteelHouse began the practice of giving employees $2,000 a year for vacations in 2011, when it was only a year old. Mark Douglas, SteelHouse CEO, says it wasn't a hard decision.

"Our culture is really simple," he told Business Insider. "It's based on trust and ambition."

If people buy their vacation on a Monday, they're reimbursed up to $2,000 by Tuesday. If they can't front the money themselves, SteelHouse will let them use the company credit card.


After you've worked at human resources software company BambooHRfor six months, you're entitled to $2,000 a year to go anywhere in the world. The policy started last year.

"We don't measure and say, 'OK, if you went on vacation, then you're this much more productive,'" CEO Ben Peterson told Komono News. "You can't work 60, 80, 90 hours a week and expect to be as efficient and thoughtful and productive as you might assume."

G Adventures

Tour group G Adventuresoffers employees who've been there a full year the chance to take one of its 700 tours around the world for free each year. They're known as "familiarization trips," or FAM trips for short -- similar to the way servers at a restaurant taste the menu so they can offer recommendations.

Provided you've earned enough vacation days, G Adventures will pay $3,000 for tours up to 17 days/16 nights, and flights up $750.


FullContact, a content management company, started giving employees $7,500 once a year for vacations back in 2012.

CEO Bart Lorang has said employees need to meet three criteria to get the money: They must go on vacation, disconnect, and not work while on the trip. The $7,500 stipend is on top of the 15 paid vacation days all employees are entitled to.

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