Most everyone wants to become rich.

According to my Rich Habits research, being rich eliminates 67% of the problems that plague most people. So, besides being able to buy that house by the beach, snag a Rolex watch, or travel to exotic places, being rich means fewer problems in life. Fewer problems equals less stress. Less stress equals a healthier and happier life.

There are 14 signs from my research that can lead to success and wealth. If you possess all 14, your chances for becoming rich increase substantially:

You are pursuing a dream or major purpose in life

Eighty percent of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Studywere pursuing some dream or major purpose in life.

You read to learn every day

You are a voracious reader. You read to learn every day. Often hours every day. Eighty-eight percent of the rich in my study read 30 minutes or more every day strictly to learn and educate themselves.

You think like an owner

You have an owner mindset. You think bigger. You have a big vision. You take ownership in everything you do. Ninety-one percent of the rich in my study were decision-makers.

You run towards responsibility

You do not shy away from responsibility. In fact, you seek out opportunities that give you more responsibility.

You are a cautious risk taker

You are cautious, and not reckless, in taking on risk. Cautious risk-takers do their homework, only take on risks they have the skills and knowledge for, ask questions, seek feedback from experts, and pilot new ideas and initiatives before turning them into a business.

You take action

You are not afraid to take action because ...

You are not afraid to fail

You view failure as a learning experience and nothing more.

You outwork others

You are not afraid to work long hours for days, weeks, months, and years in order to succeed. The rich in my study worked on average 11 hours more a week than the non-rich.

You continuously set and pursue goals

You continuously set and pursue goals in order to help propel you forward in life. Eighty percent of the rich in my study were goal-focused. They made a habit of setting and pursuing goals.

You seek to exceed expectations

You are value-oriented. You seek to exceed the expectations of others.

You are fanatic about your relationships

You are in continuous communication with the relationships you value. You make happy birthday calls, hello calls, and life event calls. You send thank you cards. You acknowledge important events in the lives of your valued relationships. You view your valued relationships like gold. Relationships are your currency.

You get along with others

People like you. They like working with you and dealing with you. You make people feel upbeat, happy, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

You're a team player

Because you like people and get along with people, you work well in a team environment. No one succeeds on their own. Every self-made rich person has apostles for their cause behind them.

Most of your relationships are success-minded

You surround yourself with like-minded, success-minded people.

This story first appeared on Business Insider.