LinkedIn recently released a list of the "Top Attractors." The list ranks the 40 most competitive companies to get hired at and the companies where, once hired, employees never want to leave. 

Whether it's for great company culture, perks or the business' overall mission, tech companies dominated the list. They comprised over half the list and occupied every spot in the top ten!

Here's the list of all the tech companies on the list, ranked from last to first. Read on to find out which company was Number 1:

21. Yelp

Yelp asks its employees to "be unboring" and welcomes new ideas. The online review company secured more advertising dollars earlier this year after crossing 100 million reviews on its site and is working to hire employees in lower-cost cities and raise wages for those working customer service. 

20. Cisco

CEO Chuck Robbins, who commands 72,000 employees, is not afraid to restructure and incorporate new talent in order to jumpstart innovation. Robbins is asking employees to keep a fast pace, but hes' brought new energy to the information technology giant's headquarters in California.  

19. Leidos

Leidos takes technology created under a variety of government contracts and turns around and sells it to commercial clients. 34,000 employees, strong, the company is still hiring. The company just promised to hire 3,000 veterans or their spouses over the next five years.

18. Splunk

This 2,700-person company dives into data -; "famously helping customers like Coca-Cola, for instance, discover that soda sales spike in college vending machines ahead of 'Walking Dead' episodes," according to LinkedIn. Splunk places a heavy emphasis on encouraging employee growth. Last year, it promoted 15 percent of its workforce. 

17. Box

Boxers, or Box employees, get a slew of perks, including but not limited to: stocked kitchens, on-site yoga and "epic ping pong battles." The company mixes young talent with more experienced workers to foster innovation. 

16. Dell

Dell is transitioning to more flexible scheduling: nearly a quarter of its 100,000-person workforce already set their own hours, but Dell intends to increase that percentage to half of all employees by 2020, according to Fortune. What's more, the company is expected to bring in more than $80 billion in revenue after it closes its $67 billion acquisition of storage provider EMC. 

15. Tableau

This Seattle-based company likes to emphasize simplicity and happiness: there are no after-hours work emails to respond to and its offices include both private and open work spaces, according to LinkedIn.

14. Pandora

Pandora creates an ideal place to work by hiring people who love what the company does and who are passionate about music. Office perks include on-site concerts and musical instruments strewn about for employees to play when the mood strikes. And, going against the standard among tech companies, Pandora's workforce is nearly 50 percent women. 

13. Workday

Workday's customer satisfaction rate is an astounding 98 percent. Employees at the cloud-based HR software provider get unlimited time off, can attend "family fun events" and are encouraged to spend time volunteering. 

12. Adobe

With 30 years under its belt, Adobe has stayed relevant through constant reinvention. The company launched a program called "Kickbox" to support any of its 14,000 employees interested in developing and testing ideas, providing them with $1,000 and encouragement to create the next killer product. 

11. Netflix

Netflix does things differently, challenging the status quo when it came to streaming and content creation. Netflix's CEO, Reed Hastings, wants the company culture to be as much about freedom as it is about responsibility. By hiring self-sufficient adults, Netflix has the leeway to reward them with unlimited vacation and a generous expense policy.

10. Airbnb

Airbnb is not only a richly valued private company, but its company culture emphasizes a inclusion and a "sense of belonging" the company told LinkedIn. The company gives its office a homey touch, designing meeting rooms after popular Airbnb rentals. The company also offers travel vouchers, encouraging employees to experience first-hand the home rentals on its service. 

9. Twitter

CEO Jack Dorsey was greatly admired after announcing, shortly after taking over reigns as CEO last fall, that he would give away a third of his stock to employee. Beyond Dorsey, the company's perks include 20 weeks fully paid parental leave. 

8. Tesla

Valued at approximately $32 billion, Tesla only has 13,000 employees. The company is competing against the likes of Apple and Google, among others, to hire engineers to develop self-driving cars. According to LinkedIn, "Elon Musk says he prefers company rules to company values, which can be "fairly obvious mom-and-apple-pie stuff." One rule, as he noted at a conference last year: Employees who find meetings a waste of time are expected to get up and leave."

7. Microsoft

Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington is sprinkled with restaurants, cafes, espresso stands, and retail shops, not to mention a sports field. Employees are also encouraged to create their own individualized paths towards growth development through career resources like mentoring, coaching and 2,000 training programs, according to LinkedIn. 

6. Uber

With over 6,700 full-time employees and a $62.5 billion valuation, Uber is the most valuable of the new crop of privately held tech companies. The company has a tough interview process, but its wide-ranging business ambitions, from self-driving cars to same-day delivery, make it an attractive place to work.  

5. Amazon

The ever-expanding company pays well and supplies employees with the Amazon Career Choice Program, paying up to 95 percent of tuition fees. With the Amazon Women in Engineering program, it's not a bad place to be a woman in tech either.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

4. Apple

People are happy to work at Apple because of the products they create.According to LinkedIn, ex-employees write about talented co-workers and great flexibility. The company is also working to diversify its workforce. And, last year, Apple gave out restricted stock units to a majority of its more than 100,000 employees according to media reports.

3. Facebook

As it becomes more risky to take a gig at a startup, taking a job with a tech giant like Facebook that isn't going anywhere anytime soon has its appeal. Facebook is a sought-after employer because it gives its workers the freedom to take on big projects and it also extended its four-month paid parental leave program to all full-timers last year.

2. Salesforce

After a little inspiration from Buddhist monks, CEO Marc Benioff decided to create "mindfulness zones," or quiet areas, on every floor of Salesforce's new building in San Francisco. According to LinkedIn, this installation is a nod to the company's stance on wellness: "employees can't guide customers to success if they aren't first taking care of themselves." Salesforce also offers 7 days of paid leave annually for employees to spend time volunteering.

1. Google

Google's 60,000 employees enjoy great perks, like on-site massages, as well as the company's dedication to building optimal teams, with the goal being to improve employee happiness. Google is also making strides to close the gender gap by  offering pay by job rather than going off someone's previous salary. 

This story first appeared on Business Insider