• Apple is holding a special event Tuesday where it's expected to announce new iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and more.
  • The biggest new feature reportedly coming to the new iPhone will be a triple-lens camera that can capture photos with a wider field of view.
  • We may also learn more about Apple's streaming-TV service that it initially unveiled in March as well as software updates for the iPhone, the Mac, and other products.

Apple's new iPhone is set to be unveiled this week.

Apple is holding an event Tuesday at the Steve Jobs Theater on its Apple Park campus, where it's expected to make several announcements about coming products -- the biggest of which is likely to be the debut of three new iPhones.

Apple is launching its new iPhone -- as it has done every September since 2012 -- at a time when the smartphone market has been in decline for seven consecutive quarters. With iPhone sales dwindling, the Cupertino, California-based technology giant has increasingly focused on other burgeoning product areas such as its services and wearables division. We're likely to hear more about what Apple has in store for those product categories as well.

Here's everything we're expecting to see from Apple CEO Tim Cook and his crew of execs at the big event, which starts at 10 a.m. PT on Tuesday.

Three new iPhones

The star of the show will undoubtedly be the introduction of three new iPhones to succeed the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR. It's unclear what these new iPhones will be called, but rumors suggest the two new high-end iPhones could be called the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro.

The biggest change coming in this year's iPhone is likely to be the introduction of a triple-camera sensor, which would put Apple's smartphones on par with their Android rivals. That third camera would most likely be an ultra-wide-angle camera much like the one found on Samsung's Galaxy S10, which offers a significantly wider field of view.

Otherwise, the new iPhones are expected to feature reverse wireless charging, which would allow users to power accessories like AirPods just by resting them on the back of the phone, and improved Face ID. The less expensive iPhone XR may also come in new colors including green and purple.

That's all according to reports from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal and comments made by the TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that have been reported by 9to5Mac and other Apple blogs.

A new Apple Watch

Apple traditionally releases a new Apple Watch alongside its fresh iPhones in September, so there's a chance it could do so again this year.

The next-generation Apple Watch, which could be called the Apple Watch Series 5, may come in new finishes, according to Bloomberg. These new options could include titanium and ceramic, as a leak hidden in the watchOS 6 beta discovered by iHelp BR indicates.

Apple is also expected to introduce sleep tracking to the Apple Watch, a feature that competitors like Fitbit have long offered, Bloomberg reports.

More details on Apple's coming services

Apple took the wraps off its long-rumored move into subscription-based entertainment services in March.

But it has yet to announce crucial details about Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade, such as how much these services will cost, when they will be released, or what the selection of content will be like at launch.

We're expecting to get at least some of those answers during Apple's fall event, especially considering the company has been releasing trailers for coming shows that will be part of Apple TV Plus.

New software for iPhones, iPads, and more

Apple will also probably announce when the new software updates for its product lineup will be available, as it has done during its September event in years past.

Apple unveiled new software for the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, the Apple Watch, and the Apple TV during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, as it usually does during the event. The updates typically roll out to the general public in the fall, usually in the September time frame, so there's a strong chance we'll learn more about the availability of these updates next week.

Other miscellaneous product announcements

Apple is rumored to be working on several other new gadgets, though it's unclear whether we'll see them next week since the company usually focuses its September keynote on iPhone and Apple Watch announcements.

The company is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen, a new iPad Pro, and a new entry-level iPad before the year is over, according to Bloomberg. It also hasn't announced when the $6,000 Mac Pro it unveiled in June will be released. Apple typically waits until October to debut new Mac and iPad products, however, so we may not see these new products just yet.

Apple may also be working on a Tile-like Bluetooth accessory you can place on items like your keys or wallet to track them via your iPhone, according to 9to5Mac.

An emphasis on privacy

Apple has emphasized the importance of privacy in recent years, especially as companies like Facebook and Google have come under fire for the way they collect and handle consumer data.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on numerous occasions has publicly described privacy as a fundamental human right and has said the consumer is not the product for Apple since its business doesn't heavily rely on advertising as Google and Facebook products do. It's even centered its product ads on privacy in recent months.

There's a chance Apple executives will mention privacy and security again during its expected iPhone unveiling.

--This post originally appeared on Business Insider.