Apple is postponing production of a larger iPad until September, Tim Culpan and Tim Higgins at Bloomberg report.

They say Apple planned to produce a 12.9-inch iPad starting this quarter. But supply issues have pushed back Apple's schedule.

The iPad has seen sales drop lately. Last quarter, Apple sold 21.4 million iPads, down 17 percent compared to the prior year. It also missed analyst estimates.

Because the iPhone is selling like crazy, nobody really cares that the iPad has suddenly tanked.

But there was a time when people believed the iPad was going to be as big, if not bigger, than the iPhone. That isn't happening.

The larger iPad would be Apple's attempt to reignite sales growth.

While Apple has not formally acknowledged development of the bigger iPad, CEO Tim Cook subtly laid out the case for why a bigger iPad would make sense on last quarter's earnings call.

He said Apple has an opportunity to expand in the enterprise and change how people work. A bigger iPad, an iPad Pro could be a part of that plan.

The iPad is sold with two screen sizes--9.7-inches for the iPad Air and 7.9-inches for the iPad Mini.

--This story first appeared on Business Insider.