It was a big year for Tesla, but CEO Elon Musk isn't done: Responding to a fan on Twitter, Musk said he plans to reveal the update to the Tesla Roadster this week.

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The "crisis issues" Musk is referring to might have to do with the explosion of SpaceX's Falcon rocket in August, though it's unclear if that's the sole reason Musk pushed back the Roadster update.

The Roadster, unveiled in 2008, was Tesla's first car. The company stopped taking orders for the two-seater in 2011, but in an interview with Auto Express in August, Musk said the car would be getting an upgraded battery to extend its range. The original Roadster had a range of about 245 miles, but the update should give it a range of about 400 miles. 

Other details about Tesla's Roadster update are currently unknown, but last Friday's official launch of Tesla's battery swap program, which was unveiled last June, might give us a hint at what's to come this week.

The battery swap feature that goes live this week lets Model S owners swap their car's battery at a facility across the street from the Supercharger station at Harris Ranch, Calif.--in just 90 seconds. Musk last year showed that it's quicker than filling up your tank with gas. So it's possible this battery swap program will work with the Roadster, as well as the Model S.



--This story first appeared on Business Insider.