Evan Spiegel's 10 Best Quotes From Snap's First Earnings Call

The CEO had some interesting things to say about Facebook.

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Snap Inc. had a lot of explaining to do after disappointing Q1 results sent its stock plunging 25% after its first-ever earnings report on Wednesday.

But the company's conference call with investors was also important because it was the public's first real chance to hear from Evan Spiegel, Snapchat's reclusive 26-year old cofounder and CEO.

Spiegel's reputation as a product visionary who has his finger on the pulse of the millennial generation has given him iconic status in the tech world.

While his big debut didn't impress everyone -- CNBC's Jim Cramer blasted the young CEO by calling him "arrogant" -- Spiegel's comments provide valuable insight into Snapchat's views of the competitive landscape, the big opportunities ahead and even the importance of puppy faces.

Here are some of Spiegel's best quotes from Snapchat's call:

Spiegel on old people: "...We do tend to market our products directly to younger people because, frankly, they are more interested in learning how to use new technology products. And that's sort of -- is partly inspired by trying to teach my grandma how to use email; and she'd really prefer to just talk on the phone. So I think now a lot of grandparents are using email, but 20 years ago it was a little different."

Spiegel on being a camera company: "When Google came along, everyone really felt like they needed a search strategy. When Facebook came along, everyone felt they needed a social strategy. And now I think with Snap, with our company, we believe that everyone is going to develop a camera strategy."

Spiegel on being a camera company:
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Spiegel on Snapchat's famous lenses: "The reason why I think that that prompted such an explosion in creativity is because it really lowered the barrier to creation on our service, because people enjoy looking like a puppy and things like that."

Spiegel on Snapchat's famous lenses:
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Spiegel on ads:

Why's that? "I think we have world-class ad units. They are delivering ROI. We've done a lot of work this year to build out the measurement side of the business. And so I think now really it's an education process and I think early adopters are seeing great results. And so we've just got to keep showing people how Snap can really work for them and drive ROI."

Spiegel on what's (not) next:
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Spiegel on getting better: "I think the more that we can remove friction from this creative process, the more people want to use our service. And that's our strategy."

Spiegel on getting better:
Spiegel on competitors' copying:

Spiegel on the competition (and imitation) from Facebook: "I think, at the end of the day, just because Yahoo, for example, has a search box, it doesn't mean they are Google."

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Published on: May 12, 2017