Elon Musk has announced plans to release a software update later this week that could put an end to so-called "range anxiety."

Range anxiety is a common fear among electric car owners that their car won't be able to last until the next charge.

Drivers end up playing it safe and recharging before they hit the upper limit of their battery’s range, or simply choosing to take gas-powered cars on longer journeys instead of their beloved Teslas.

The average Tesla Model S sedan gets about 300 miles to a charge, depending on driving style and battery choice.

"To fight range anxiety, Tesla has already invested in a network of high-speed supercharger stations across the U.S., and introduced a pilot program to test the feasibility of swapping out physical batteries in just a few minutes for around the cost of a tank of gas," Darrell Etherington at TechCrunch reports.

However, it appears Musk has additional plans to combat the phenomenon which will be announced at a press conference this Thursday, March 19th.

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The update could entail a number of things. For instance, it could better distribute the existing power in the Tesla Model S, or provide more accurate warning systems to quell driver concerns about existing limitations, or something else entirely. 

In January, the company released a software update that made the Tesla's top-of-the-line Model S, the P85D, significantly faster.

--This story first appeared on Business Insider.