Whether it's for leisure or business, the jet-setting lifestyle can seem appealing -- but the jet lag that often comes with it can be quite the opposite.

Nadia Clinton, Delta Air Line's Country Manager for the UK and Ireland, has spent her entire career flying the globe, so she's certainly an authority on how to feel healthy and fresh upon landing.

Business Insider asked Clinton and Delta cabin staff and stewardesses about how they beat jet lag -- and look good while doing it.

Here are the six things they recommend:

1. Set your watch to the destination time before the flight.

"This is really important and the first thing I do before I even board the aircraft," Clinton said. "Psychologically, it helps get the mind tuned into that city and what I should be doing when I land, rather than what I feel like doing in my current time zone."

2. Stay awake during daytime flights, and sleep on night ones.

"It may sound obvious, but try to stay awake during daylight and sleep when it’s night," Clinton said. "It’s important stick with the rhythm of the daylight will keep you feeling fresh upon arrival."

3. Drink lots of water, and avoid the coffee.

Water keeps you hydrated and feeling alert. "You may be tempted to reach for the coffee, but for me, water is much more effective and keeping away the tiredness that can come with jet lag," Clinton said.

4. Avoid heavy foods, especially at lunchtime.

Heavy food, especially at lunchtime, can lead to an afternoon slump and throw your body clock even further out-of-sync. Try to keep it light if you want to keep your energy levels high.

5. Pack your trainers.

Exercise is a great way to keep your energy levels up once you’ve landed, keeping you alert during the day while giving you the chance to see more of the city, and it’ll help you sleep when it comes to bedtime. This can be especially useful for business travellers who need to ensure they’ve energy at the right time for those important meetings.

6. Turn off your phone at night.

When adjusting to a new time zone, it’s vital you give yourself the best possible chance to sleep. If you’ve got friends, family and colleagues sending you messages and emails that wake you with each notification noise, your sleep will be interrupted all night and you’ll feel tired and groggy. When it’s time to sleep, turn the phone, tablet, and laptop off.

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.