Two top executives are gone from HubSpot after several of the company's top executives became embroiled in a book scandal.

HubSpot fired Mike Volpe, its chief marketing officer, after he violated the company's code of ethics, according to a press release from the inbound-marketing company

Volpe was let go "in connection with attempts to procure a draft manuscript of a book involving the Company," the statement said.

Former VP of marketing Kipp Bodnar will be taking over as CMO, replacing Volpe.

Hubspot's Vice President of Content, Joe Chernov, resigned before the company could decide to terminate him, the company also said.

In a weird twist, Hubspot's CEO and Chairman, Brian Halligan, is also caught up in the drama.

Halligan was aware of the actions, but did not report them in a timely matter. He has been "sancionted appropriately," but will stay on as CEO, according to the release.

"While we wish Brian had reported promptly, we are confident as a Board in his ability to lead HubSpot and our outstanding team of dedicated employees going forward. We are disappointed by the actions of Mike and Joe," said Lorrie Norrington, lead independent director of the investigation. "Our Board and HubSpot took these matters seriously and acted swiftly and thoroughly once learning of this through an internal report."

The book at the heart of the matter was not revealed, but former ex-HubSpot employee and journalist Dan Lyons is reportedly working on a book about his experience at the company, called "Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble."

This story first appeared on Business Insider