UK chip designer ARM released a report on Tuesday highlighting which industries consumers expect to be disrupted the most by AI machines.

The report -- carried out in partnership with Northstar Research Partners and based on responses from 3,938 consumers -- found that people expect everything from banking to farming to be impacted by AI.

"The question is whether the impact will be positive or negative?" reads the ARM report. "On one hand, increased automation means greater efficiency and productivity, better employee safety and even a higher standard of living (more free time, lower prices). However, AI may also cause job losses and fundamentally change traditional employment."

The report goes on to question whether humans need a guaranteed "living wage" as robots take their jobs and whether companies should pay a "robot tax" as they are replacing human tax payers.

Here are the 11 industries people think are most under threat from AI machines:

11. Science (4%)

10. Healthcare/hospitals (4%)

9. Policing/security (5%)

8. Farming (6%)

7. Taxi drivers (7%)

6. Insurance companies (8%)

5. Financial analysis (9%)

4. Public transport (9%)

3. Construction (10%)

2. Banking (18%)

1. Manufacturing workers (19%)

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.