Some experts point to the quickly evolving nature of jobs due to automation as evidence robots will replace human workers.

But Millennials have largely given a collective shrug about such proclamations.

The survey, given to more than 31,000 18-to-35-year-olds across 186 countries, showed Millennials are optimistic about the impact of technology on their future jobs. Respondents pointed to artificial intelligence and robotics as some of the biggest trends in technology, and see education, healthcare, and manufacturing as sectors that would particularly benefit from the adoption of new technologies.

Still, while Millennials embrace technology and believe it improves their lives in general, they do have some reservations when it comes to certain applications, according to the survey.

When asked about the possibility of "embedding an implant under their skin or in their brain to increase their capabilities," about 44 percent rejected the idea. That's not as unheard-of as it sounds -- companies in Sweden and Wisconsin are already experimenting with embedding microchips in employees.

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.