People are following what Oprah Winfrey is eating now more than ever. And she's making quite a fortune off the attention.

The famous yo-yo dieter and media mogul tweeted on Tuesday about her love for bread, and getting to eat it every day during her recent 26-pound weight loss on Weight Watchers. As anyone who's dieted knows, carbohydrates like bread are frequently on the prohibited list for weight-loss plans.

The twist is that Winfrey bought a minority share of the diet company last October. So she stands to make a good profit if the company does well. And yesterday's tweet was quite the payday for Winfrey: The company's stock went up 19.51%, or about $2.17 per share.

And according to the the Wrap, Winfrey made about $13.8 million after Tuesday's tweet. Here's the breakdown:

"Winfrey owns 10% of the company, or 15% when stock options are exercised. Weight Watchers has 63,621,022 shares outstanding, which would mean Winfrey owns 6,362,102.2 of those, without even exercising her option.

On Tuesday, based on the $2.17-per-share jump, Winfrey's total haul gained $13,805,761.80."

So Winfrey's not only eating bread, but she's earning that bread, too.

See Winfrey's multimillion-dollar tweet below:

This story first appeared on Business Insider.