Richard Branson, the billionaire businessman who founded the Virgin Group, ripped Donald Trump as "irrational," "aggressive," and dangerous on Friday in an op-ed endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

"I would like to see an entrepreneur become President one day," Branson wrote in a post on his website. "I believe entrepreneurial thinking is incredibly valuable in leaders, and there are many entrepreneurs who I would be delighted to see in power - just not this one."

Branson, who is not an American citizen, said he has been following the election "intently" because it will have "major implications on the rest of the world."

"The US is faced with a monumental decision: whether to vote for Hillary Clinton -; a safe pair of hands and a leader of supreme experience and knowhow. Or to vote for Donald Trump," he wrote.

Branson said he met Trump "many years ago" and wrote that the two "fundamentally disagree on what makes a great entrepreneur."

"I believe this involves being a good listener, putting others before oneself, being an effective delegator and striving to make a positive difference to the world," Branson wrote. "Great entrepreneurs build businesses with purpose at their heart and always treat people with respect. These are not characteristics I see in Mr. Trump -; neither in his previous business dealings, nor in this campaign."

The business magnate said President Barack Obama agrees with his style of leadership and argued that Clinton would "continue on the same path."

"On the other hand, Mr. Trump's temperament is irrational, aggressive and he lacks informed ideas on how to grow jobs in America," Branson contended. "An entrepreneur president would put that at the heart of his plans and yet his fear-based campaign blames immigrants and open borders."

Branson continued: "America was built upon a collective embracing of diversity and openness - not division and close-mindedness. There are too many examples of Mr. Trump's lack of empathy and respect to name. I agree with many on both sides of America's political aisle that he is unfit for office."

The billionaire's criticism of Trump was delivered at a bad time for the Republican presidential nominee. Trump has sagged in the polls amid new revelations about his treatment of women.

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.