Some 150 million people use Snapchat on a daily basis, according to a Bloomberg report that cites sources familiar with the matter.

By comparison, Twitter has less than 140 million daily active users, according to an average of analysts' estimates surveyed by Bloomberg.

It has taken Twitter 10 years to rack up those numbers -- but Snapchat has amassed its audience over a period of just four years.

Bloomberg's sources say Snapchat had 110 million daily active users in December, suggesting the platform's daily active users have boomed in the last six months.

The apparent surge in Snapchat's user numbers would coincide with the rollout of several new Snapchat features, including face swap, the dog ears filter, and a range of colourful stickers that can be placed onto photos.

Twitter was once the biggest social network after Facebook, but rival platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger have overtaken it. The company's most recent earnings showed that it had 310 million active users each month -- but there was no breakdown on how many of those check in each day.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly described Snapchat's messaging as "very modern" at Recode's technology conference on Wednesday.

This  story first appeared on  Business Insider