• At least four people were shot in or near YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, CA.
  • A female is dead with what the police believe are self-inflicted wounds.
  • Three other victims with gunshot wounds have been transported to local hospitals, the police said.

Three people were wounded and one person was killed at YouTube's headquarters on Tuesday after a shooter opened fire at the internet company's building in San Bruno, California.

A female was dead with what police say they believe are self-inflicted wounds, and three other victims with gunshot wounds have been transported to local hospitals, a police officer said in a press conference at the scene.

A spokesperson at San Francisco General Hospital said it had received three patients, including a 36-year-old male in critical condition and a 32-year-old female with serious injuries and a 27-year-old female in fair condition.

One YouTuber, Vadim Lavrusik, tweeted that he had "heard shots and saw people running," and that he was now "barricaded inside a room with coworkers."

A spokeswoman for Stanford Hospital told Business Insider that it was expecting 4 to 5 patients from the shooting, though she did not comment on their condition. NBC Bay Area reporting 3-5 people were transported to SF General Hospital.

Police told Business Insider reporters on the scene that there was an active shooter situation and would not let anyone leave the parking lot.

"No one can leave. Thank you. There is a suspect outstanding. You guys are in a safe space," the officer said.

YouTube product manager Todd Sherman tweeted that he was in a meeting when he heard the rumble of people running in the building, and that someone in the building told him there was "a person with a gun." He also said he saw blood drips on the floor and stairs on his way out of the building, and that "someone else said that the person shot out the back doors and then shot themselves."

YouTube HQ Map San Bruno shootingSkye Gould/Business Insider

While the identity of the potential shooter has yet to be confirmed, there have already been some varying and conflicting reports about their appearance.

AJPlus executive producer Ethar El-Katatney shared screenshots of what she says is from a WhatsApp group message with someone who works at YouTube, who reported that they were "in a courtyard at work eating and some guy with a gun and full body armor starting firing." ABC7,citing a police source, said that the shooter is a white female adult, and that multiple people had been injured, including one person who was shot in the chest.

The LA Times, citing a law enforcement source, reports that "at least two people were reportedly struck by gunfire."

NBC Bay Area News reports that the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital has said that the hospital has received multiple patients. The news outlet also confirmed with San Bruno County Manager that there was no immediate danger to the public.

YouTube is expected to hold a press conference shortly. YouTube parent company Google said through its official communications Twitter account that "RE: YouTube situation, we are coordinating with authorities and will provide official information here from Google and YouTubers as it becomes available."

San Bruno Police said on Twitter that there was "police activity" at the address and advised people to avoid the area.

Here are some tweets and reports from people at and close to the scene:

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