Just because you're on the road a lot doesn't mean you have to leave your multimedia world at home. Hitachi's compact LifeStudio MobilePlus combines a portable 500GB hard drive with an auto-syncing 4GB USB 2.0 key that magnetically attaches to a sleek docking station, making the whole thing packable and easy to use. The LifeStudio software automatically organizes documents, photos, movies, music and other files into a 3- D interface for easy access and upload to Facebook and online photo-sharing sites. The device also comes with 3GB worth of free online back-up on Hitachi's servers (upgradable to 250GB for $49 per year), which can also be set up to access data from other devices such as a home PC or Mac, or iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. However, while the LifeStudio MobilePlus also allows the user to control syncing options, the set-up and control options may prove a bit complicated for novice users.

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