Let's face it going green has become the new black and it doesn't look as though we're heading closer to some pretty shade of orange anytime soon. So, if you're feeling overwhelmed navigating the globe of green goods on the market, here are some easy to find, eco-minded picks to pack before your head out on your next far-flung trip.

1) EO Hand Sanitizing Wipes (From $0.79-$7) Eoproducts.com

Swoop through security germ-free with these all-purpose wipes from EO Products. These organic and biodegradable wipes are perfectly packed in single doses, which make them perfect for travel and everyday use. They clean and sanitize hands and other dirty things, such as mobile devices, countertops, and luggage cart handles. They are a great plant-based alternative to chemical laden wipes. Organic lavender essential oils are naturally cleansing and soothing and will keep you clean no matter where you rest your head.

2) Laptop jackets and sleeves ($39.99 - $79.99) act2greensmart.com

Say bye-bye to wasteful water bottles and hello to style and functionality. The act2-GreenSmart brand includes products with materials made of 100% recycled water and soda bottles. These smart fabrics have the same look, feel and durability of virgin fabrics, but have the added benefit of saving bottles from landfills and energy in the manufacturing process. As an example, one laptop jacket saves 11 16oz PET bottles and 7650 Btu's--enough to power a laptop for 149 hours.

3) Solio Solar Charger ($99.95) Solio.com

Whether you're in a Taxi in Taiwan, on a corner in Cairo or zipping through a town square in Tennessee, recharging your iPod, phone or mobile device on the spot is easy with Solio's super sleek Universal Hybrid Solar charger. Solio stores power from the sun--freeing you to recharge your handheld devices anywhere, anytime. A fully charged Solio will recharge the average phone up to two times, or give you up to 15 hours of MP3 music. Solio's super smart internal circuitry and Adapter Tip System lets you charge devices at about the same rate as their dedicated wall chargers. The compact sized charger generates free and clean energy immediately. Replacing your wall and car chargers with Solio reduces your ecological footprint from your near or far-flung destination.

4) Dr. Ken's Maximum Care Toothpaste and Mouthwash ($9.99) dentist.net

Bring Dr. Ken's all-natural goods on the road with you and keep your smile fresh and clean when closing your next big deal. Dr. Ken's Dental Travel Kit is compact and packed full of dental goodness. The kit includes Spearmint FI-Free Toothpaste, Maximum Care Spearmint Mouthwash, Dental Floss Singles and a great travel toothbrush. At the end of the day, it's good for you and the planet too.

5) SIGG Lifestyle Water Bottles ($21.99) mysigg.com

The simple truth is Americans use 4 million plastic bottles every hour—but only 1 in 4 is recycled. Keep hydrated with Mother Earth in mind with the ultra light Swiss-designed SIGG Lifestyle bottle. Extruded from a single piece of aluminum, the innovative SIGG 0.6 L Lifestyle Bottle is surprisingly rugged, crack-resistant and completely reusable and recyclable. The ground-breaking interior lining is 100% effective against leaking and combats residue build-up, so the bottle is easy to clean and ensures that all you taste is the water, juice or your favorite beverage, even after its been sitting in the sun. There are 144 bottle designs and 22 interchangeable lids.