There's good news and bad news for the anxiety prone: New research shows the right amount of stress can actually help you reach peak performance levels. Being somewhere between mildly freaked out and out-of-action overwhelmed seems to encourage the highest level of productivity, The Wall Street Journal reports.

"Coaches and sports psychologists have always known that you don't want your athlete to be relaxed right before an event," psychologist Stephen Josephson tells the WSJ. "You need some 'juice' to go fast."

But don't be too comforted: While a little stress is good for you, too much stress and worry can be harmful and destructive. About 40 million American adults--that's a whopping 18%--are affected by an anxiety disorder in any given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Want to check your own mental health? Take a good look at your Internet habits. New research suggests that patterns of technology use can offer clues to mental health, according to a column in The New York Times

A few actions that were correlated with depression: frequent email monitoring; jumping back and forth between chat rooms, games, and emails; and increased video watching and gaming.