Video Transcript

00:13 Cal McAllister: We consider ourselves a fan factory and this is where I think it gets more interesting for you guys. Because fans spend more money. We're talking about people who create transactional value for your businesses and as you're trying to create a growing business, consider it your consumer base and how you can turn them into fans. I wanna show you how it kinda works out from another campaign that we did for the Seattle Sounders. They were given a team by the MLS, they hired us and in turn they gave us nothing. We didn't have... We had a team name. We had no players, we had no coaches, we didn't have a schedule. There was an existing base of MLS fans, and we always look for an existing base of fans in any group. We knew that our best chance of success was to ask the fans, or the potential fans to do something.

01:03 McAllister: The campaign was called, "Scarves Up", they already have scarves, they already hold them up in games in the Premier League. But we needed to give fans an opportunity to participate. As part of that, we hung scarves all over the city. The idea was, just come and grab a scarf, we're trying to outfit you to become Sounders fans. The thing that we ask people to do, giving them a free scarf, giving them a chance to be a Sounders fan, was to take a picture of themselves, with the scarf and send it to us online where we can aggregate it. Within weeks people held their scarves up as proud Sounders fans all over the world, not just all over the country and it really became the icon of the city. But I wanted to show you that for not a lot of money, for budgets that you can work with, with and without traditional media you can affect people's lives. You can have them be excited about your brands in lots of different ways that you may not have thought of.

Published on: Aug 23, 2012