First of all, congratulations to the winners of my first challenge: Stephen Panico, Jennifer Jackson, and Tara Cajacob. Their ideas were published in the June issue of Inc. Magazine, on newsstands soon. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Are you ready for the next challenge? Here it is:

Saving Golf

Golf courses are in trouble. The game has been losing players and not creating new ones. The biggest culprit? Slow play. The courses are getting bigger because the equipment we use today allows elite players to drive the ball so far they should file a flight plan. Plus, most courses are residential developments and developers make more by cramming in more houses. But the main problem is that hacks like me emulate what we see the pros do on TV. Those folks take forever to set up their shots. Lining things up, tossing grass in the air, pulling the perfect club. So we do, too. Here's the difference: pros usually have some idea where their ball is going. Largely, I do not. Even average golfers take an additional 30 strokes. End result? It takes five and a half hours to play a course, and few people have that kind of time. So, how can we keep golf courses from becoming cemeteries?

What's your best idea? Submit one of my favorite answers, and we'll publish your name and your solution in an upcoming issue of Inc. Magazine. Be creative! I'm looking for ideas that go beyond the obvious.

Submissions must be received by Thursday, June 13. Good luck!