Mark Cuban has crisis experience--and the business battle scars to prove it. He isn't afraid to speak unvarnished truths. And this Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern, he's taking all of the questions you want to throw at him.

Join us for the series premiere of Inc.'s Real Talk: Business Reboot with the Shark Tank star and owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, during which he will discuss how the coronavirus crisis is affecting businesses and what they can do to survive. He'll take questions during a live Q&A session, focusing on the most-pressing challenges you're currently facing within your own company. It's free, so register now because space is limited.

Cuban has offered some extremely helpful advice since the coronavirus crisis began. Last month, for example, he made the case that you should consider a cautious approach to bringing your employees back to the office--rather than rushing everyone back as soon as possible. "Not only is it a safety issue, it's a business issue," he warned companies during an appearance on CNBC. columnist Betsy Mikel dug into those comments, and found that quickly ending your remote work policies would harm your business in two specific ways. Read her analysis to learn more.

Last month, Mikel also compiled a list of Cuban's four best tips to business owners for weathering a downturn, including one that particularly caught my eye: Come together with your competitors. The explanation took me a bit by surprise, so check it out to see why you should partner with your rivals instead trying to crush them, especially if you want to ask Cuban about it on Wednesday.