Unicorns are not as rare as they used to be.

There are now 361 private companies valued at $1 billion or more across the world, according to a new report from market research firm CB Insights. One-third of them--120 companies--joined the unicorn club just last year. By comparison, CB Insights found, 2017 produced only 71 new unicorn businesses.

The firm released its research as a map that separates the companies into 15 industries. Internet software and services is the largest section, with 13 percent of the unicorns on the list; followed by financial technology and e-commerce/direct-to-consumer, with 12 percent each. CB Insights said the ranking is likely to change when Slack--valued at $7.1 billion--enters the public market next week.

The two largest companies by market value are based in China: A.I. firm ByteDance (valued at $75 billion) and ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing ($56 billion). They're immediately followed by three American giants: Juul Labs ($50 billion), WeWork ($47 billion), and Airbnb ($29 billion).

All three of those U.S companies appear on Inc.'s Private Titans list of 1,000 of America's largest and most iconic private businesses. That likely won't be the case for long, however: WeWork filed for an IPO in April, and Airbnb has announced plans to file before 2019 ends.