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These aren't particularly easy times for keeping calm and carrying on, especially if you're following the run on hand sanitizer, or watching the stock market. And yet keeping calm and carrying on is crucial right now.

Well, that, and some sensible planning. If a recent survey is any indication, plenty of business owners are already doing both. Last week, payroll services firm Paychex published a survey of 300 small-business owners that gauged how they felt about potential coronavirus-related work disruptions. Here are some of the report's most salient data points:

  • 59 percent of respondents said they have a business continuity plan in place to address interruptions in operations.

  • 54 percent said they could accommodate remote work or working from home if a quarantine were to go into effect.

  • 60 percent said they've developed an employee communications plan to effectively communicate workflow changes necessitated by the coronavirus.

  • 75 percent said they have enough cash or credit to survive a potential business pause or shutdown.

If you're interested in shoring up any of your preparations with some best practices, we've rounded up some of Inc.'s most relevant advice. Consider, for example:

While these steps are important to take now, you should have smart strategies in place to prepare for almost any kind of disaster, from hurricanes and cyber attacks to the coronavirus. 

Get your short-term preparations out of the way. Then consider the longer term. Many economists are predicting the economy will cool off, though to what extent is still unclear. So, focus on what you can control and keep a level head. And let me know how you're carrying on.