Welcome to the 231st episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor in chief, James Ledbetter.

First, I break down a recent Wall Street Journal story on the newest, most cutting-edge ways that employers are spying on their employees. Some of the methods are useful. Others--like tracking the tones of employee voices, emails, and Slack messages--are exceedingly creepy. We discuss how to identify the line between genuine utility and invasions of privacy.

Next, staff writer Emily Canal explains what makes Miami one of America's more surprising startup hotspots. The city's vibrant immigrant entrepreneurial scene, growing community of biomedical founders, and emerging focus on "elder-tech" all contribute to its No. 13 rank on Inc.'s Surge Cities list of best places to start a business.

Finally, staff writer Kevin J. Ryan talks about his experience visiting Henry the Dentist, a New Jersey-based mobile dentistry startup that will park in front of your building for everything from teeth cleanings to root canals. It's a luxury experience that includes massage chairs, noise-canceling headphones, and streaming services on demand. The three-year-old company's big-name clients include Jet.com, CNBC, and Audible.

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