Want your workplace to be more productive and successful? Start by redesigning the office.

That advice comes from a survey released last month by financial giant Capital One that asked 3,608 full-time office workers across the U.S. what they "need, want, and expect from their work environment." The most striking response: 90 percent of people surveyed reported performing better in well-designed workplaces.

Unfortunately, more than half of respondents said their current offices are not well-designed, noting a lack of flexibility in their workspaces limits their productivity.

Two other statistics also stood out: 77 percent of respondents said they perform better when their office "provides spaces for collaboration," while 88 percent said they perform better when they have "space for focused, heads-down work." In other words, you need to give your employees options for where to perform their tasks. Survey-takers expressed a desire to change their physical location while working, as well as to swap between sitting desks and standing desks.

The study revealed the importance of other elements of the workplace environment, as well. Nearly six in 10 employees reported increased productivity and mental well-being when windows and natural light are present. On the other hand, almost four in 10 respondents said they don't currently have such features in their offices.

Location, surprisingly, might matter less than it used to, the survey revealed. More than half of employees ranked office design as at least equal to workplace location in importance. If you're choosing between offering a beautiful office or a convenient commute, your decision just got a little harder.

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