I want to start a business, but I have so much debt.

It’s a common refrain. And it's no joke. From student and home loans to credit card bills and car payments, a high debt load can sway people away from launching a business altogether. Major debts can also hold people back from landing conventional loans and their credit scores, which can help access lines of credit, certainly take a beating. It's all incredibly risky.

Interestingly, American's debt levels vary widely from state to state. How does your state stack up against the rest of the country?

Check out the interactive graphic from DebtConsolidation.com (below) to compare different types of debts among Americans on average from 1999 to 2013, the latest date available. Read about each state’s biggest challenges and solutions too. There’s a lot to explore--we understand if you want to stay a while. 


Interactive courtesy of DebtConsolidation.com