There is nothing I enjoy more than being cuddled up in my warm cocoon, sandwiched between my handsome boyfriend and cuddly little Himalayan cat while dreaming of tropical islands. The sound of the alarm quite literally kicks my butt out of bed and into the real world. 

I am sure you've experienced your own morning woes once you realize the next step is shivering your way out of bed and into the light of day. Along with running a business comes the responsibility to be up and functioning at a decent hour (who knew?).

I have been a night owl my entire life, but over the past two years I have perfected my morning routine, and it's lead to not only a more productive day but also a more enjoyable one. Here are some tips and tricks on how to reclaim your mornings and start off on the right foot each day:

Outwit Your Sleepy Self

Set the alarm and put it across the room from where you are sleeping. The snooze button is way to convenient when it's within arms reach.

I place mine on the other side of the room and set it to an obnoxiously loud sound level to really jolt me out of bed. The loud noise and cold air work in unison to make you forget whatever it was you were dreaming about.

It's All About the Comfort

Let's face it, we climb back into bed because it's warm and comfy, even if we don't need the extra sleep. If you supply yourself with a placebo, such as a fluffy robe you'd be surprised to find out the rate at which you crawl back into bed diminishes.

Directly after shutting off the god awful alarm I slip into my oversized comfy robe. It's 68 degrees in my home when I wake up, and I almost always would retreat to my bed which only led to over sleeping. When I introduced the bath robe into my morning routine it became much easier to move forward with my day.

Refresh and Hydrate

Do you ever wake up and wonder if that dream about wandering through the desert was real? Going 8+ hours without drinking water can lead to you becoming quite thirsty by the time you awake.

Start your day by brushing your teeth and drinking a cup of water. The minty smell and taste of your toothpaste will have you feeling better about yourself in no time. The bed head? Deal with that later.

Drinking enough water is difficult for many people, but if you start early on in the day when your body is asking for it then you'll be on the track to success. Hydrate and take the bull by the horns. 

Do Something You Enjoy

You've probably heard that some CEO's wake up and run a marathon, meditate, do karate, write a book, and save the world all before you wake up.

Let's be realistic.  Make some time to do something you enjoy in the morning, whether it's yoga or writing in a dream journal. I like to get ready while watching my favorite show on Netflix. This is the only time I have to watch TV so I enjoy it.

Remember that this is not meant to take up your whole day, but simply a short part of it to get you on the right track. This gives you something to look forward to early in the morning, and will help you to associate early mornings with happy things.

Use Your Time Wisely

We all run late, but learning to manage our time accordingly can lead to a more fulfilling day. What happens when you over sleep?

Do you skip breakfast because you're trying to make it into the office on time? Did you forget to pack a lunch because you simply didn't have the time?

Missing breakfast will only set you up for failure, because your body needs those nutrients to keep you operating at 100%. Forgetting your lunch will lead to dining out (or worse - eating out of the vending machine) which is not only costly but also unhealthy.

Save the money and instead spend it on experiences - not enchiladas. Maintaining a healthy diet by packing your lunch will also keep you fit and trim. Also, coffee is not a meal. Nice try.

Waking up early can seem like a pain, but it's actually quite nice once you get accustomed to it. You will get more done than you did at night, and you will feel good about yourself too.  Heck - I even had the idea for this article maybe 30 seconds after waking up!