Your company recently held an event, and you either got an employee come take photos, called in a favor, or hired a photographer to capture all of the key moments. The business event photos turned out great. So now that you have these photos, what can you do with them? Rather than letting them sit in your hard drive, put them to work for your business

Here are some ways to make the most out of your photos:

1. Make an album.

Print the best of the photos and put them in an album for your waiting room. When visitors, clients or prospective clients come in, they can check out all the good work your company has done in the past.

2. Send them to sponsors or clients.

If your event photographer has captured a great photo of a client or sponsor, print it out and tuck it into a card. It's a great way of building your relationship with them. Send the card and photo alone--not with a request.

That way, the gesture seems more genuine. Snail mail has such a strong impact these days as it's so rare to receive a nice letter in your mailbox, as opposed to junk mail or credit card applications.

I once received a box in the mail that I wasn't expecting, and inside were coffee table books and a handwritten letter from a company who wanted to hire me as a consultant. The books contained imagery of the hotels they represent, and as I flipped through eye popping photo after photo, I became excited to work with this company who obviously had an eye for detail.

Had they just shot over an e-mail, it could have gone overlooked. However, the presentation paired along with the letter had me sold the moment I unwrapped the package.

3. Give them to your staff.

Make no mistake about it--studies show that employees aren't in the job just for the money. Staff want to be a part of something bigger, they want to contribute to society, to building a company that they feel a part of.

Use some of the photos to create plaques, awards, or souvenir that staff can hang in their offices or workspaces. When they have clients come over, those pictures will make for a great talking point. That helps you, too! Also, around the holidays they make for great team gifts.

4. Create promotional material.

Do you need new pamphlets? Use the photos to create some eye catching promotional material. You'd be surprised at how well candid shots can perform against structured promotional ones.

5. Create a photo montage for your next event, dinner or cocktail hour.

Set some of your best images to music for some easy and effective entertainment for your next event.

6. Be a social media guru.

Pick the best photos and post them on your company's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but don't post all 60 photos at once. Nobody will flip through a giant album. To get the most bang for your buck, create a social media calendar and spread out the photos.

Offer a photo several times a week and put a neat, catchy caption with a call to action for a client or prospective client to call you, to make a buy, to take advantage of a great offer, or to request a quote on a project.

7. Create office décor.

Print out poster-sized versions of your best photos taken by your event photographer and hang them up around the office to remember the great event or great moments that you had.

There are plenty of other uses for this content, but you get the gist of it. Finding a way to get the most use out of your content is key, because at the end of the day companies need as much promotional "food" as they can get.

So, share the images across social media, decorate your office with team spirit, and get some stamps and start writing hand written cards with the pictures inside. Trust me, it's better than letting them go to waste.