Last week, Tim Ferriss did a Facebook Live Q&A with a group I'm in called The Hustle. Someone asked him why he never went the venture capital route. "I don't like having bosses," he replied.

It struck a chord with me. The longer I listened to him speak, I began to believe that he might actually be my long-lost brother.

We share an affinity for coffee, as you'll discover when you listen to his podcast "The Tim Ferriss Show" (currently ranked the top business podcast on iTunes).

We like travel, and being our own bosses so we never have to hear the word "no." As I listened, I learned a lot--and I think you can, too.

Here's what Tim Ferriss had to say about life, business, and a few things in between:

What is the single most important thing that you do daily?

Exercise. Many people say it's, "Mind over body" but I believe it's, "Body over mind."

How do you deal with the fear of a challenge?

I use the three step process called "fear setting" to get past any doubt that is holding me back.

How do you want to be remembered?

As a teacher.

Best way to find a technical co-founder?

Check AngelList or even a Hackathon. Hackathons are developer/tech-oriented events that are being held in all the major cities.

Biggest external hurdle?

Dogmatic people.

Who would you be starstruck by?


If you had two weeks and $5,000, how would you drive traffic to your brand?

Use the $5,000 to have experiences and then write about them. Go out and do something interesting and then share those experiences with others.

What's one thing you could work on?

My management style. I have a habit of exerting my expectations onto others.

Why Podcasts?

I enjoy digging into the minds of those I find interesting.

Who would you work with/for living or nonliving?

Benjamin Franklin.

What is your current favorite wine?

Durigutti Malbec (reasonably priced at around $15 USD).

What's next for Tim Ferriss?

I have a new TV show coming out in May, it's basically the podcast but on TV, which I haven't told anyone about until now, so I guess it's out!

I'm writing an article for with this Q&A. What should the title be?

Don't believe everything that you think. This was the answer Dr. BJ Miller gave me when I asked him what he would put on a billboard.