We spend a lot of time building relationships with others our families, significant others, and cultivating our circle of friends. Yet many of us overlook the most important relationship of all the one we have with ourselves.

As entrepreneurs many of us are more critical on ourselves than we should be. After all, we are only human. Personally I have realized that I set nearly impossible goals for myself, and meeting them can be stressful.

Here are seven ways to get comfortable with yourself, and to learn more about yourself as a person. Who knows? You may find that you're pretty great after all, and a confidence boost like that works wonders.

1. Don't look to others for validation

You don't need others to tell you what you are worth. As long as you know, and you believe yourself to be someone you can be proud of, then it doesn't matter what other people think.

Amy Cuddy proved with her TED Talks that believing in yourself can actually help you perform better in a business setting. Don't waste time trying to please everyone else - impress yourself instead.

2. Be kind to yourself

You're the most forgiving person you know - you pardon your friends for showing up late over and over again and put up with your significant others bad temper. Yet when you make a mistake, you beat yourself up over it for weeks, going over the events that led up to that mistake over in your head.

Don't punish yourself. Instead, brush it off and give yourself a break. Celebrate the small victories and learn from every experience - good or bad. You're not perfect, and nobody expects you to be. Be compassionate and kind to yourself.

3. Spend time with friends

These people are a reflection of you. Choose your friends carefully, they should lift you up and have your best interests in mind. Ideally, friends will be there for you through thick and thin.

If you are lucky enough to have found these people, stick with them, and nurture those friendships. Don't get so busy with work that you squeeze them out of your life.

4 Spend time with positive people

You will eventually become the company that you keep. When you surround yourself with positive, ambitious, hardworking, fun, happy, funny, loving, loyal and honest people, their qualities will rub off on you too.

They should always push you in the direction of greatness.

5. Be confident

Everyone has their own insecurities, nobody is perfect. Everyone wishes that they had their sister's hair, neighbor's paycheck or the physique of a supermodel.

The grass is always greener, but trust me when I say that sometimes it's actually astro turf. Embrace the person that you are, be accepting of yourself, and know that the total package is what makes you unique. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

6. Be self-aware

When was the last time you listened to that little voice in your head? The one that told you that you should quit your job to follow your dream.

How about to ditch your ho-hum significant other and hold out for someone who really appreciates you, or to go back to school to pursue a different path? Knowing what makes you tick and then acting on it will make you happier in the long run.

We only get one go-around in this life, so make the most of it.

7. Accept your weaknesses

Nobody's perfect, so embrace who you are. Understand your weak points and focus on your strengths.

I may not be the most tidy person, but I have a Roomba and self scooping kitty litter box for that. Now I can focus on the things that I truly enjoy doing and excel at - like causing a stir on LinkedIn and eating tacos.

Practice makes perfect, and the sooner you begin to believe in yourself the sooner you'll be making moves into the direction of your dreams. Share your secrets to success with me in the comments.